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Universal Studios Hollywood (USH) Discussion Thread

P. 117: The Exorcist & Curse of Pandora's Box HHN houses announced!

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2012 will be a great year for So Cal parks. Cars Land @ DLR, Transformers @ USH, and Manta @ SWSD. Your pennies would be spent wisely.

Transformers is at the top of my list. I'm still wondering if it will be a "Pandora's Box" design from Vekoma.....

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I didn't see an official "USH" thread, but if there is one, mods can feel free to move this.


Universal Studios Hollywood invited the press out to the opening of their new tram tour featuring Jimmy Fallon yesterday.


Well, the tram isn't new but many of the videos on the tram are.


The entire press event took place at the Universal Globe in front of the park, then we were all invited to see the tour with the new video segments.


A Tram was out in front for part of the ceremony


There was a stage and podium set up for the ceremony


The new spiel for the tram "Have a TramTastic Day"


All of the "Extras" in the Tram, having a Tramtastic Day


The Studios Announcer is first up to speak


Jimmy shows up in a golf cart


Jimmy works the audience quite well


Jimmy and the Universal announcer have some friendly banter



"Surprise", Jimmy has a guitar and is going to sing the new song for the tram "TramTastic"



During the song, the extras come out and join Jimmy "FlashMob" style



After the song, Jimmy cuts the Blue Ribbon





After, Jimmy spends some time taking pictures for us


With one of the Tram Tour guides


Jimmy talking to some of the Television Media gathered, here with Access Hollywood


With the "TramTastic" group


Posing on the Tram


After the ceremony, the press got our own private Tram Tour. It was weird being driven through the Universal Parking Lot in a Tram


A rare Hollywood sight indeed, the 101 with no traffic!


Going back behind the top road, a site you don't get to see much. The back-side of the Mummy Tunnel


Once we got to the normal Tram Loading area, we got to see the tram tour as it is seen today, introduced by Jimmy Fallon.


Some of the videos featuring Jimmy are quite funny, especially this one highlighting Stage 20



The Metropolitan Sets feature another video segment from Jimmy


The remainder of the tour is essentially the same as it has been for the past couple of years. The one part that didn't make much sense is that Whoopi is still featured in the Mummy Tunnel. Hopefully this means that part of the tour will be changed soon.


Overall, the Tram Tour is the same, but Jimmy Fallon brings a lighthearted comic angle that the tour has been missing for awhile. The introductory and ending segments are great, and I can guarantee you will have "TramTastic" stuck in your head for the rest of your day at the park.

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I refuse to enjoy anything Jimmy Fallon does because4 he sucks... so BOO! I hate when everyone tries to capitalize on this dude, but him and Leno(the universal team) are both god awful while Letterman and ESPECIALLY Craig Ferguson totally rule... so does Jimmy Kimmel, but not Falon. Also I feel bad for the drivers!

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Fallon might be fun for the first 5 minutes and then I probably will get nauseous. Too bad they can't get CBS Ferguson or Letterman to do it. Leno and Fallon are alright in low doses.

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This is the one ride that I am most excited about. Mainly because Universal seems to be pretty secretive about. I mean all we really know is from the concept photos and that it is suppost to be a newer Spiderman type ride. At least thats all I know. Anyway when does Singapore's open?

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Bringing this thread back from the dead...



Oh, and I am assuming THIS website is related to the ride.


Introducing EVAC: the newest autobot/your ride vehicle.

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The ride looks awesome, but I reckon the Universal Creative guys have taken a fair bit of inspiration from themselves...The whole sequence of being towed through the air is very reminiscent of Spidermans final scene with the Green Goblin.

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