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Have you guys ever been to Utah?


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I live in Utah (temporarily, been here 2 years and moving this summer) but have never been to Lagoon. I keep hearing that it is not so great and since I don't have a whole lot of free time, Lagoon hasn't been tops on my list. However, some friends of mine recently said that it has improved somewhat as far as atmosphere (happier, friendlier folks working there), so I may take the kiddo up there for the Halloween shindig.

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Lagoon has to be the LAMEST amusement park ever. Now if you do come here, don't even bother going there.....Go to the Utah Olympic Park in Park City and take a Bobsled ride. It's insane!


Hey, Lagoon may not be the largest park in the world, or the greatest. But it's fun, VERY well kept, and has some rides that are really hard to find these days.


Be carefull of what you say, and don't turn everybody off to the park before they get there. I go there once a year, and find its more fun than the six flags parks Ive been to.

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With my sister and her family living in one of the suburbs of Salt Lake City, I usually find myself out there once or so a year. True, Lagoon is not the greatest park in the world, but it's not worse either. I find the price is really reasonable, the lines--even on peak days--are not insanely long, and though most of the rides don't stand out, they don't blow either. I do enjoy myself whenever I'm there, and I will say over the years the park as improved on the quality of the rides.


Actually the best parks in Utah are not the amusement parks, but the state and national parks like Bryce Canyon, Arches National Monument, and Zion's Canyon.

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