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NEWS: Alpine Coaster thrill ride opens in Park City, Utah

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Looks like UTAH is in the news today.

Anoter great thrill ride opens this week in Park city. Couple of photos in the article. If you are ever in the area dont forget to take a ride on the Bobsled track that the Olympics was done on. Its a wild ride.


Anyway love to give one of these a try as I havnt had the opertunity yet.




PARK CITY — There are, in Europe, more than 80 "Alpine Coasters." There are, here in the United States, just two.

Ravell Call, Deseret Morning NewsRiders are able to control the speed of the new Alpine Coaster. It is just the second ride of this kind to open in the United States. The second of the long-distance thrill rides opened last week on the slopes of Park City Mountain Resort.

It is best explained, said Krista Parry, new marketing director for the resort, as "a Disneyland-like thrill ride in an alpine setting."

The first of the mountain coasters was built in Glenwood Springs, Colo. A third is scheduled to open sometime before winter in Jimine Peak, Mass.

The new ride is a big brother to Park City's Alpine Slide. It is more than a mile long — 6,000 feet — and consists of a series of steep descents and circular curves on a track cut through rugged mountain terrain.

The cars used are similar to those on the slide, except once they start down they are held in place by a rail as opposed to sliding freely in a U-shaped track.

The cars can hold one or two people. The lower age limit for young passengers is 3.

"What makes this ride so appealing is, like the slide, the passenger can control the speed. Meaning, they can choose not to brake and go as fast as they want, similar to a roller coaster, or go slower and take more of a scenic-type ride," said Parry.

Passengers are loaded at the base and are pulled up to the top of the run by a cable. "The ride up takes six minutes and is nice because you go straight up through the trees. You can relax and enjoy the ride up," she said.

Once at the top, gravity pulls the car down the banked track. The ride down can take a few minutes or longer, all at the driver's discretion.

"We found out that over in Europe they are extremely popular. People travel great distances to ride one of the coasters," Parry said.

"We decided to put in a coaster because we believe it will be a nice complement to our other summer activities."

Ravell Call, Deseret Morning NewsRiders take a spin on the Alpine Coaster, a resort-like thrill ride that opened last week in Park City. Work on the coaster started in May.

Summer activities at the resort include four Alpine Slide tracks, four Zipline cables, children's rides, a climbing wall and horseback rides.

Cost per ride on the Alpine Coaster is $15. A special $20 ticket includes one ride on the coaster and one on a slide. A passenger's ticket for those ages 2 to 6 is $4.

Coaster hours are noon to 6 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and noon to 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Weather permitting, activities at the resort will remain open through Oct. 15.

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Sad thing is that the lines, especially on weekends, are very long for the slides. Park City has four apline slide tracks, and lines average about 20 to 30 minutes. This alpine coaster does look really cool though. My only concern is like on alpine slides, a slow rider in front of you can ruin your own experience. Hopefully the spacing in between riders will allow some faster riders the room to let loose with the breaks.

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I actually was going to go up there tomorrow and catch a ride. But through a change of plans I won't be up there to ride it for about 2 weeks, but I still will! I really hope I don't get stuck behind a slow person, that would make the 15 bucks so not worth it.


Of course the change of plan was to head to Rocky Point Haunted House which is only one of best in the U.S.

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Now that is seriously long! I've done my share of Alpine coasters/bobsleds, but never been on anything this long!


The great thing about the Alpine coasters is that the car is attached to the track, unlike the bobsled style rides. So you can be a bit braver through the corners.

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