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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

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Check out this amazing photo compliments of Dave Morgan!! 

I feel bad because this is all I post about lately but no... if a park has the ability to open and there's demand and they choose to stay closed then they're dumb. Period. Be creative and figure it ou

To me, it's not even so much that they changed the schedule. It happens, whatever. But I called Hotel Breakers literally 8 days ago because the website said there were no rooms available and said to c

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So are the rumors of the park having really small crowds the weekend (or this year's case, Sunday) after Labor Day true? I'm thinking about visiting on Sunday September 7th and I hope the stories are real!

I went two years ago and everything was a walk on, the gate was open on MF and we could just reride. That's why I am going again this year on this weekend. Also helping things this year is it is opening day for NFL and the Cleveland browns are playing the Pittsburg steelers in Pittsburg , so that should help the crowds.

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Hmm... maybe the word dark could hint at a dark ride, but on the other hand, I don't think that's what really appeals to teens here.


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The Cleveland Cavaliers rumor blogs are also buzzing on Cedar Point's 2015 attraction. No official report from people within LeBron James inner circle nor a tweet from a person in the Cavaliers organization regarding a project with Cedar Point.

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Here's what I found on a different theme park forum site.


(7/30/14) Note: The real French word for Werewolf is apparently Loupgarou, while Rougarou is apparently a Cajun and French Canadian variant on the spelling, with their own special lore for the legendary creature known across French Louisiana. Apparently some Native Americans and First Nations folklore also refer to it as the Rugaru, where the legend seems to crossed with that of the Sasquatch and Wendigo as well. And of course, if you love monster hunters... we’ve also seen a couple of them featured over the years on the long-running TV series, Supernatural.


(7/24/14) Cedar Point held a unique opportunity for select fans to camp out in the park overnight last weekend, calling the event the Coaster Campout. In what seems to be a sure fire hint about the park’s 2015 addition, they called the temporary campground “Camp Rou”… as in Rougarou? You know, the unknown trademarked name Cedar Fair filed for not long ago that is the French Cajun / French Canadian word for Werewolf? Adding fuel to the fire, CP’s Tony Clark tweeted out that night, “Currently working diligently on 2015. Did I spel that rite? More importantly, did I say it right...”

Take from this what you will…but unless it is another bit of deception (Whyte Lightning anyone?) my money is on the 2015 attraction being named Rougarou. But what will it be?! A coaster? A new dark ride? Or something else entirely.


Taken from Screamscape.com, Cedar Point's 2015 attraction might a dark ride along with a refurbishment on Mantis.

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^The fact that Rougarou is the french-canadian word for werewolf makes me think that it will be used in the future for Canada's Wonderland.


We're still left in the dark about this.


I wonder what's going on at Cedar Point.


Maybe the ride will be tall as a mountain.


I don't think it will be a large addition with Gatekeeper being the guardian of the gate.



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