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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

p. 2030 - Top Thrill 2 announced!

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Is two full days from 10 AM to 12 midnight enough time for this park including the water park and challenge park?


Challenge park shouldn't take long at all. Maybe 30ish minutes for a round of mini golf. Bit more if you want to do the skyscraper and/or skycoaster. The go-karts always look like a waste of time.

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I expected one wing today not both. Looks like a great ride. To join the which wing is better competition. Right has to go through the support jungle which gives it a little extra if you ask me. Left has other winning elements. from that onride it's a right win.

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It looks like any other new B&M ride.


The setting is awesome though, and I would love to ride it.


The setting might just be my biggest disappointment. The front gate is beautiful, as is the location on the beach, I just hope they add some grass/landscaping below the low parts of the ride, instead of the gravel it appears to be now. That being said, I think the bottom of the hills are going to pull some pretty good G's. Back left is probably the place to be, but the POV makes the right side look even better with all those near miss elements.

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^^I'm pretty sure they are growing grass in those gray spots underneath the coaster. It's tough to grow grass, plants etc. when it's a giant construction zone. Give it time.


You're probably right. It's still not done, and I'm sure they are working on bringing some life to that area.


The ride looks incredible. I wouldn't say "typical B&M", because this one looks like it will bring some forces. Cedar Point with another, potential, world class coaster. In my mind it already turns the big 3 into the big 4 (Maverick, Millenium, and Dragster being the others).

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What really stood out to me is how massive this thing looks/feels (I guess you can't really feel anything from a video). I don't exactly know how to explain it, but for some reason the layout just "feels" more massive than it actually is, and I really like that. I'm definitely looking forward to being able to ride it in a few weeks!

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