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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

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Did they happen to mention how heavy that train is?

I feel bad because this is all I post about lately but no... if a park has the ability to open and there's demand and they choose to stay closed then they're dumb. Period. Be creative and figure it ou

So basically there were about as many rides open as there would be in peak season with 15 mph winds.

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I Don't believe this video of Gatekeeper testing has been posted yet. I checked as far back as the first pictures. Looks nice! Lift is pretty fast too!


My apologies, I still can't figure out how to embed, so I just posted the link. In time I shall learn.

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^With that said, we don't condone those kind of reposted videos either, so I've gone ahead and removed the link.


In more positive news, Cedar Point has sent us a press release announcing their First Ride Auction for GateKeeper, benefiting the Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital and United Way of Erie County.


Cedar Point amusement park/resort is known for generating screams among thrill seekers, but it also generates tens of thousands of dollars for charities each year.


For the 2013 season, the park is pleased to announce several exciting opportunities for guests to help a great cause while having their best day ever!



The addition of a new wing roller coaster, GateKeeper, gives Cedar Point a unique way to raise money for two outstanding organizations! The park is partnering with Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital and United Way of Erie County, each of which have 32 seats available to bidders. Those who place the top bids will secure their seats for the first official ride on GateKeeper on Cedar Point’s Opening Day, May 11.


In exchange for their donations, the top 32 winning bidders will also receive complimentary admission and early entry to Cedar Point, breakfast and special souvenirs, including a T-shirt, medallion and on-ride photo. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to take flight on GateKeeper, Cedar Point’s 16th roller coaster, while helping local residents and children.


Bidding starts today, April 10, 2013, and will be open until 9 p.m. Monday, May 6, 2013.


To place a bid for Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital, click here: http://www.cedarpoint.com/carouselsforkids.

To place a bid for United Way, click here: http://www.uwerieco.org



As part of an ongoing partnership, Cedar Point and Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital have announced plans for the first-ever Carousels for Kids fundraiser, a program designed to help the hospital’s patients experience childhood joy again. There are several ways to get involved:


Beginning in May, participants can purchase raffle tickets for the chance to win a brand new car from Tim Lally Chevrolet. The car will be displayed inside the park. Tickets are just $5, and proceeds help researchers achieve breakthroughs in pediatric diseases and treatments.


Throughout the month of July, Cedar Point’s guests can show their support just by taking a spin on any of Cedar Point’s three carousels! The park will donate 10 cents for every rider on the Midway Carousel, Kiddy Kingdom Carousel and Cedar Downs Racing Derby on the Main Midway.


“Our ultimate goal is to return kids to fun, and Cedar Point is the ideal partner because fun is their foundation,” said Giovanni Piedimonte, M.D., chairman of the Cleveland Clinic Pediatric Institute and Children’s Hospital. “This campaign allows every single person the chance to help our patients and have fun in the process.”


Cedar Point’s vice president and general manager John Hildebrandt said the park is proud to be part of the first ride auctions and Carousels for Kids as part of an ongoing initiative to give back to the community in a multitude of ways.


“The teams here at Cedar Point, the Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital and United Way of Erie County share many of the same values and are family-focused, so it just made perfect sense for our three organizations to come together to help those who need it the most,” he said.


Learn more about Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital, its patients and initiatives by visiting www.cedarpoint.com/carouselsforkids.


Cedar Point will open for its 144th season on May 11, 2013, with its new wing roller coaster, GateKeeper.

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Going opening week for the first time ever! Will be there for three days starting on May 15th. Can't freaking wait to get in on all of this awesomness!!!



You going with a group or by yourself? We have three in our group and are kind of looking for a 4th to round things out, plus a 4th to get the Fast Lane Plus down another 5 bucks.

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^When will you guys be there I'll be there opening Weekend from May 10 to May 12, I will Travel alone since none of my dead beat friends/Family can make it that weekend. It would be cool to meet up with some cool peeps and to also bring the price of Fastlane down.

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^ That's actually our PointCast, chopped up and zoomed in to make it look different and to get rid of our watermark. We don't condone that sort of thing, but that's what that is.


Oh well this is embarrassing. My apologies! Had no idea!


Glad to see the monies raised going towards a good cause!

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^When will you guys be there I'll be there opening Weekend from May 10 to May 12, I will Travel alone since none of my dead beat friends/Family can make it that weekend. It would be cool to meet up with some cool peeps and to also bring the price of Fastlane down.


Hey Johnny,

I'll be going the 11th, 12th and 13th, I live about 30 minutes from the park and have a small group of people going.

We're not really going to fast passes, but I will be with a friend on the 13th!


Let me know if you feel like joining in!!!




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Too bad i wont be using the front entrance since im staying at the Sandcastle! Still looks fantastic

I'd leave and go back in just to go under it

I should! It looks so awesome

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All I can say is WOW! Who knew that the removal of two rides and addition of one would drastically change the look of CP. I cant wait to see it in person:)

Thank goodness CP doesn't simply add one trick ponies to keep a coaster record.

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That entrance pic looks great, stayed at Breakers last summer so I really never got closer to the front entrance than Raptor. Next time I'll definitely take a walk up there even staying at Breakers.

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