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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

p. 2030 - Top Thrill 2 announced!

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Sorry, but you're going to have to call Sallycorp for ghost related problems.


Just made me realise how awesome a Ghostbusters dark ride would be. Why hasn't this been done yet??? Gets me all tingly just thinking about it...

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Sorry, but you're going to have to call Sallycorp for ghost related problems.


Just made me realise how awesome a Ghostbusters dark ride would be. Why hasn't this been done yet??? Gets me all tingly just thinking about it...


It was a fantastic ride/ show at least....then they ripped it out to put in Twister at Universal Orlando

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All of the Cedar Fair parks have them now, part of the massive update Google did to Streets View. Some of the stitching gets a bit funny in some places, like on that TTD picture there, but it gives some people who have never been to those parks a nice virtual walk through of them. Also since MiAd doesn't have a proper thread, I'd thought I'd share this little snapshot of it.


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^Yeah, more pictures are a few pages back. Including some support pieces.


Hopefully we'll be seeing track arrive on site soon. On the Sandusky Register, they show the crane being shipped in. Not too much longer until vertical construction should start. On the timeline did it say late October through early November?

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A few question about CF platinum passes. I'm still considering to buy it or not.


1. Does the platinum pass give you free entry to all other Cedar Fair water-parks? Or just Soak City?

2. Since I don't drive, would someone who was driving get Free Parking by using MY platinum pass?



Also: how long are lines (on average) for early entry? Lets say mid-week in June.

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A Platinum Pass grants you unlimited access to all Cedar Fair properties, amusement or water park.


Your group car would get free parking, yes, as long as you are in the car. I did that quite a few times this summer, just hand the card up to the driver to present it to the person at the booth.


Early Entry is usually never crowded, and is basically an ERT session. At least I have never experienced a crowded Early Entry. This summer, I did EE at Kings Island, Canada's Wonderland, and multiple times at Cedar Point. All were basically marathon sessions. Most notably, I rode Diamondback 11 times without having to leave the seat. Cedar Point is about the same, you just keep running around and ride as much as you can, assuming they don't let you stay in the seat or the ride setup doesn't allow it (TTD, MF).

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The crane has been there for almost a week now.


Here are a few construction pictures I took this weekend.


A few facts that I was able to find out....


1. The tracks will not have sand in them

2. When they dug the holes for the footers, there was no issue with water.

3. The footers go down into the ground 10 feet.

4. The cement base for space spiral was scraped down 4 feet, and new cement will be laid over it.

5. The front gate will be totaly redone. The exsisting ticket booths will be torn down.

6. The season pass office may double in size.

7. The concession stands that are/were next to disaster transport will remain , but get a face lift.

8. The parking lot portion of the coaster will receive landscaping. There was no solid answer on what it will be.



Enjoy the pictures.


The HUGE red crane has arrived at cedarpoint.


Footers in the parking lot.


A closer view.


I see you.....


This is the maxim crane that is going to lift gatekeepers track.



Lets check out the construction area.


Not a whole lot to look at right now, but a lot of footers.



Except for me today........


Footers litter the beach.


This is the station/ transfer track area.


Another view.


The electrical boxes you see here, are all that is left over from disaster transport. They are in the process of being removed.


A big footer.




The concession stand will remain in the same spot, but will look totaly differant next year.


This is whats left of space spiral.



A look back at part of the site.


Steak anyone?


A last look.

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