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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

p. 2030 - Top Thrill 2 announced!

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This definitely looks epic. I was very hesitant about CP getting a wing coaster after riding SFGAm's X-Flight (which is OK at best), but this appears to blow all the other wing coasters out of the water!


I really hope there is an inversion after the MCBR, however. It appears to be just a helix but it's hard to see. Just a helix would be a bit of an underwhelming finish, especially after the MCBR.


Really hoping there's not a trim on the giant airtime hill. That would be just like something B&M would do...

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Looks like a fun coaster. I'll remember to take my seat on this one mindful of the low expectations I had for X-Flight as I sat down for that one- ended up being pleasantly surprised. After the article in The Sandusky Register, I think the biggest question I had was whether it would have an X-Flight rollover drop, or something along the lines of Wild Eagle/X-Raptor.


The name is awesome.

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That dive loop looks inclined to me, like Hydra. It might invert more than Hydra, but depending on how this turns out, it might just be an inclined dive loop like Hydra, which I don't consider an inversion.

It's more of an inversion than the inclined loop (which is actually just a helix) on the Swarm at Thorpe Park that doesn't even come close to inverting you, I don't think it even tips past 90 degrees. Yet RCDB and Thorpe Park still count it.

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Look like it will be a great addition to Cedar Point. I didn't love the Wild Eagle but it was a lot of fun and should be a huge crowd pleaser for the massive crowds at Cedar Point. I'm glad to see them incorperating the interactive elements at the front gate, that should be a specatucular visual for people entering the park (or shorten lines at Maverick 0.

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No limits on ride POV. Not sure how it ended so I just tried to connect it.


Well you went with the most logical guess, a long break run. ...Nicely done.



^The Key Master would be just as awesome as The Gatekeeper. The only thing I'm a little disappointed about with this announcement is no giant dog-like statues. Maybe they'll surprise us.

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I hope the supports for the ride over the park's entrance aren't too intrusive. Nothing uglier than supports sporadically in the middle of a walkway.


The portions of the ride that go over the gate itself look more or less symmetrical so hopefully it doesn't look too bad, and it looks like the structures for the keyholes will also act as aesthetically pleasingish support for the ride.


It also seems that Space Spiral being taken out really had nothing to do with this ride.

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