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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

P. 1989: Wicked Twister's permanent closure announced!

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^Honestly, the only thing out of line here was your comment about Jon's avatar. Like Elissa said, I know him personally and know his comment was meant in jest.


And I am sure I will do a trip report to share my experience. I might even post a couple of pictures outside of TGI Fridays!


And remember if you ask for a 'pint' of beer, get the large pint!


I am sure there is a story there that I am not aware of, but trust me, I am never shy about ordering a large anything when it comes to beer!

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Wow, that new lighting package on Giant Wheel looks stunning!! I can't wait to see that in person. And it was so needed too, as the last time I made a trip to CP it looked pretty sad at night with so many burned out bulbs.


Looking forward to seeing Millennium's new lights as well!

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Cedar Point has reached one million fans/ 'likes' and the secret thrill that was unlocked is a preview of the new nighttime show, Luminosity.


THANK YOU FANS! We did it - 1,000,000 Likes! As a thank you, we're giving all of you a secret thrill - an invitation to see Luminosity BEFORE the Grand Opening! Visit Cedar Point all day/any day June 3-7 for the price of a Starlight ticket, stay for a special preview of LUMINOSITY AND get a chance to win awesome prizes throughout the day! Stop by the Celebration Plaza when you arrive at the park on the designated days, get a Facebook Fan Sticker, and you could be randomly spotted to win a VIP experience at the Luminosity preview, ride access, Cedar Point Merchandise and more! We'll also be capturing lots of photos and videos of our fans all week - so YOU could see your photo on our fan page! This offer is only available to our Facebook Fans - Visit our website here to purchase your ticket and plan your visit! http://bit.ly/JC6Wt1 Can't wait to see you this summer! Thanks for liking us! - Cedar Point's Facebook




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Great videos. And Millennium Force looks AMAZING! I can't wait to see it in person once the park opens this summer. Every large ride in the park should have some sort of night lighting of this caliber. The park is going to look phenomenal from across the bay this year.

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coasterkyle, thank you so much for the giant wheel videos. It looks amazing.


As for MF, not to be a debbie downer, but those lights look exactly the same as what was there when MF opened in 2000. They worked for like 2 years and then were never seen again. Hope it turns out better this time. I thought MF was gonna have LED lights like Giant Wheel and Windseeker.

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^ I agree I also was just about to say those look no different then when the ride opened in 2000, I was expecting it to look more like the Wheel with the led lights. Like said though I hope this last longer then when the ride first opened

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