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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

p. 2030 - Top Thrill 2 announced!

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Thanks a bunch for the new update page, R&E (and Point Extreme). While I've been seeing countless pics of this nature, it's always nice to see the TPR captions for said photos and goings-on.


Keep it up!


"Yes, could I have an Intamin Track view room, please?"


Would you be surprised to hear I requested and received that view this past June?

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Two things...


One: You guys should actually READ the updates, not just look at the pictures. Then this discussion on what it is would be a lot easier.


Happens on PB at least once a day. It gets annoying when it's a regular occurence...


"Hey guys! There's Intamin track on site! Just thought you should know!"

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FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP SAYING PARKS ARE OUT OF ROOM!!!! There is plenty of room here, plenty of room at Knotts, plenty of room at Blackpool, plenty of room at !

"Plenty"? I wouldn't go that far now. Cedar Point does have enough room to build a couple more coasters, yes. I wouldn't say they have the heaping amounts of acreage to build upon that they wish they did.

Thinking that parks don't have room is the BIGGEST misconception that most coaster/park enthusiasts have.


Yes, they have "plenty" of room to keep building what they want if you consider that "plenty" of room also means creative ways to re-purpose existing real estate. Park's aren't made in RCT, they are actual REAL ESTATE properties with land developers who are experts in creating space where it looks like there might not be any.


Think about it....


In 1995 I remember people saying after Raptor was built "wow, they are out of room" and then in 1996 Mantis came! They said the same thing after Mantis, and oh look! Millennium Force came. And then they said the same thing after MF and OH LOOK...TTD came! And then they said the same thing after TTD..and OH LOOK....this FREAKING HUGE ASS PROBABLY THE *BIGGEST RIDE IN TERMS OF LAND USE THEY'VE EVER BUILT* is going up!


Have I made my point clear? I can site you endless examples of people saying the same thing about parks with "no room" and then suddently *BAM* a huge ride goes up! Silver Bullet at Knott's...Goliath at SFMM....SheiKra at BGT....Indy at Disneyland...do I need to keep going?


Cornball Express at Indiana Beach, New Mexico Rattler at Cliffs, Timberland Twister at Camp Snoopy...shall I keep going?


Valhalla at Blackpool, GhostRider at Knott's, Thunder Dolphin at LaQua, Riddler's at SFMM...seriously, do I need to keep listing rides or have I proven my point yet?


Think about the locations of ALL those rides I've just listed above. And if you remember back to what those locations looked like BEFORE they made room for the ride you would have thought "They'll never be able to put a ride there!"


Please....so before you (and I mean this to everyone reading) type the words " has no room to build another attraction" know that before you have typed that, even before you have thought that, you are already incorrect.


--Robb "Not trying to sound like a jerk or anything....but it's a long-term pet peeve of mine that people need to be educated about." Alvey

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Point taken and accepted.


I'm just concerned over Cedar Points unmoveable assets like their big monstrous coasters. Those are large land consumers and they can only fit so much more under, over, within the structures of the coasters that are there. They can only get rid of so many flats before they contemplate taking down one of their prized larger coasters so they can remain "hip" and build one of the newest and greatest coaster on the market. But that is years from now.


At the same token; I'm stunned they have fit as much as they got in the park now so I wouldn't be surprised to see them fit in a whole lot more.

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[ I can site you endless examples of people saying the same thing about parks with "no room" and then suddently *BAM* a huge ride goes up! Silver Bullet at Knott's...Goliath at SFMM....SheiKra at BGT....Indy at Disneyland...do I need to keep going?

Yep SFEG and getting their 5ftx30ftx100ft 'coaster' or flat ride thingy.


To me, I was one of those who said "Cedar Point has plenty of room." People make their guesses on what they can see from the pathways/rides.

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a few signs that I think about too much are....


"Hang onto your spurs"

"Blaze the trails"

"Ya'll ready for some serious sidewindin'?"



I say we all just wait for the announcement


Kidnap DICK and hold him at ransom, ransom being the plans for 07....or just tell him to tell us what it is or(insert something funny here)

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I think everyone will be surprised when the plans are announced publicly. Everyone except a select few of course. I'm not all that concerned about the ride itself, as anyone who knows cedar point shouldn't have any doubt. I also believe it is something that will add to the park, perhaps even bring some much needed theming to cedar point. Whatever it is, we'll all flock to it to ride it, so it doesn't matter. Patience is a virtue and it makes this thread annoying to read with everyone saying the same things over and over. I thought this thread was created to discus and post real updates on CP's new ride, but it has degenerated into people saying things like "I'm SURE that the new mega-looper will break the inversion record" and blah blah blah. I have seen no evidence of this being a mega-looper or anything besides maybe an aquatrax. This doesn't mean it won't be a mega-looper, but I don't see where you can make that claim based on the evidence. I feel if you are going to make a claim, at least back it up and share with us your thoughts about it, so everyone else doesn't make fun of you. Rant over


Sorry, but I keep checking this thread for pics/real information, and it's annoying to wade through "Cedar Point has no more room". C'mon, if you want to discuss that, start a new thread entitled "Does Cedar Point have any more room?"

-James Dillaman

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This thread WAS created for that very purpose, and when the nonsense got out of control I actually asked to have this topic locked because it just wasn't getting any information out. Add to that, the fact that for every ridiculous post, there's another three complaining about it.


I like the fact that an update page was added to the site for CP's project, and that's where I'll be watching for updates, and I'm not in a rush to find out what it is right away. It's usually fun to figure this kind of stuff out but this thread is just TOO long and has gotten pretty silly.

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