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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

p. 2030 - Top Thrill 2 announced!

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lol Raptor and Mantis aren't going anywhere for a long time.


Exactly what I was thinking. I love how one person makes some off the wall comment about how a floorless and stand-up can't exist in the same park, and an entire debate breaks out on whether Mantis (and even Raptor) will/should be removed, like it's a done deal.


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Cedar Point hasn't removed a coaster since 1978, and all of their coasters remain pretty popular so I see no reason why they should remove one now.


The only reason I could think of that many people would say would be because they are running out of room. However, they still have plenty of room IMO.

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They have plenty of room, but I do see a parking change announced in the future in order to expand the parks acreage. At some point you have to realize, looking 20 years into the future, room will be needed in order to avoid over-condensing the park. CP does have some beautiful landscape still left. Don't think they will remove much more of it.

I do not want to start a parking garage or floating lot discussion. It just a hunch of mine. And I base it on nothing and I have not talked to any dippin dot guys.

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I feel like I'm the only person who actually likes Mean Streak.

Your not the only one. Mean Streak is actually my favorite woodie at the park.


Considering there is only 2......


Mean Streak isn't that bad, layout wise, but it seems every time I have been there it just squeals so bad it hurts your ears. The running joke the year I worked there was that there was more oil in Lake Erie than there was on the rails of MS!!!

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I personally don't think Mean Streak is that rough, comparing to all other wooden coasters I have been on...the thing is, the trims are what help the roughness; and to me, the trims make the ride so slow it's not enjoyable. I have ridden without trims, and it's a much more fun experience, but that's when the pain really gets you. It's just a win-lose situation both ways. I am hoping this re-track is going to really help it out.

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