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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

P. 2017: Top Thrill Dragster RETIRED!?!?!?

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But until something really stands out, only thing for sure now, it's def. a looper. Can't wait for 08.


And how did we come to this conclusion?


Very cool, definately the first undeniable evidence of an inversion.


How so?


This ride won't have an inversion. Have you all not noticed how tight the track footers are? Naturally this thing is going to have some steeply banked turns and tight transitions from one turn to another. I love how people get this idea stuck in their about something, and then refuse to see another point of view of it.


On a ride this small, an inline twist would be made out of dual-rail track, not tri-rail track.


Also, real Intamin inline twists are MUCH more pronounced than the sharp transition you see here.


Please take notice:




Note how pronounced that barrel roll is.


The track pieces you all think are "inline twists" really look more like this:




Hmm - oddly enough, that's the same "banked drop into an opposite direction banked turn" that the footers suggest! Whoa! A LOGICAL answer!


I really don't mean to be a bitch here, but some of you really need to start researching these track pieces instead of seeing banked track and shouting "INVERSION! INVERSION!"

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This ride won't have an inversion.


How do you know?


Nobody that is not high up in the CP chain knows for sure what is really going into the old WWL site. So don't be so rude about other peoples beliefs and then do pretty much the same thing. Making a conclusion without GOOD evidence.

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A teaser sign at the construction site reads "Ya'll up for some serious sidewindin'?" -- adding some creditability to the rumors that the new roller coaster will have a western theme and possibly be called Maverick.


Cedar Point was originally trying to hide this track under blue tarps. Seems they have given up on that as the tarps have been removed.

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So don't be so rude about other peoples beliefs and then do pretty much the same thing. Making a conclusion without GOOD evidence.


I have yet to find people providing evidence other than "Oh, that looks like an inline twist".


As opposed to, say, me, who researched into it and found OTHER solutions than what it initially looked like.


I back my claims up, don't accuse me of not doing so.

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You backed up your claims just like all the others before you.


Show a piece of track on the site and compare it to another that is on an operating coaster.


So whether you believe so or not you are being a hypocrite!


I wasn't accusing you of not backing up your claims, but not having sufficient evidence instead.

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^^^I see you haven't been reading this thread. But hey, at least you aren't arguing over layout when there is no physical way to prove anything at all.



^^Not all of the track has arrived, so just stop arguing when it makes no sense. Believe what you want to believe and let other's do the same. Honestly, does it have to go either way? They haven't even announced the friggin thing yet...



Does it really matter that much, that you have to argue over something so insignificant and unknown? You can guess, but you have no substantial PROOF until the layout is released.

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I am just aggravated over people making stupid comets about what the ride WILL do when they have absolutely no clue. I don't care if people make an assumption of what it might do. It just drives ma crazy when people think that they a 100% correct, with no sufficient evidence, and they don't care about what other people think will happen.

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There have been other full track twists. I don't know the difference between Incline twists and heartline twists, they feel the same to me, but Storm Runner has a box track twist. http://rcofw.free.fr/photo/228/big/1.jpg


But since the track on-site is twisted like that, it does look like it could have a triangle track twist.

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This thread is just going around and around in circles now. The more I read it, the more things are just being repeated now..lol


Perhaps just wait until the announcement and just post links on the pic-updates of new track and supports arriving. We are already at about 70 pages for crying out loud..lol

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