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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

p. 2030 - Top Thrill 2 announced!

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Is it me or is there too much to do to get the ride open May 15th when the park reopens,I'm sure in true CP fashion, they will get it open in time, but it still doesnt look anywhere near ready to me, its all looking very good though,I'm sure it will be a great ride

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This is quite the flume ride.....I would not be surprised if we see some of these go up at other Cedar Fair parks that lost a flume recently (Valleyfair, Carowinds, etc).


I agree. Its a very wise investment as it is a ride that can be appreciated by almost anyone who visits the park. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that was the goal with Maverick, until they found out how intense that ride turned out to be. Either way, CP has been an awesome home park to have for the last decade.

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Am I the only one wondering why they even gave the ride a storyline? I do not see anything about moonshine or anything like that in the ride so far, and there is quite a bit done. In the tunnel with the turn will there be animatronics or something like that to enhance the story element? As of now this just looks like a water ride through some rocky canyons and not a ride about feuding moonshiners. Dont get me wrong, the ride looks nice so far, but Cedar Fair has been known to skimp out on the scenery quite often. Remember, concept art lies 99% of the time, even Terminator looked like it was above a well landscaped field in the concept art as opposed to over the regular ground of Six Flags. I am hoping there will be some kind of theming in the que at least to tell the story or something along those lines.

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^Terminator's concept looked to be drawn long before the terminator theme was decided upon.


As for this story line, where the ride sits (or rather where the drops are) there used to be animation for the Paddlewheel Excursions Ride (think Jungle cruise) about two families feuding over moonshine. It's just a nice nod to the area it's in (kinda like keeping the heads of the animals from country Bear Jamboree in Winnie The Pooh) but what remains to be seen is how much they'll actually theme it to the story line. They already have the animation if they just wanted to stick it on either side of the ride at any point so that would be easy enough.



RC "Capitan Hector" Freak

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Cedar Point has posted new construction photos for Shoot the Rapids, showing how much closer they are to it's completion.




Light posts are placed near the future home of lockers and the ride queue.


The on-ride photo building is going up.


The exit ramp stairs.



The queue line leading to the station.


View of the final drop from the station.


Entrance to the station.


Rock work has begun in the final splash pool.



Framing has started on the tunnel, located just outside the station.


The temporary dams have been removed.


The lagoon is back!


Rock work on the island is wrapping up.


Riders will find water surprises inside the canyon.



The run-out at the bottom of the 85-foot-tall first drop.


The bottom of the first drop.


Inside the rock canyon on the island.


This concrete pad is the foundation for a new storage building.


Entrance to the first lift.


Workers are cleaning up the construction site and preparing for final steps.


Workers spray concrete onto forms that will become the final drop's rock work.


The entire entrance area.

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This is looking fantastic. It's really looking like it fits well into that area of the park and doesn't seem to stick out. Woods and browns over bright red, yellow or orange paint and steel siding. I can live with that


Can't wait to try it out this summer. A perfect compromise between tow-boat and shoot the chutes. Although this looks like it'll be a bit more wet than the average flume?

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I have a couple of questions about the new Intamin flumes. Does anyone know if the car is attached to the track or does it just run on top of the those poles? and what does the thing in the middle of the drop do? Is that what hooks it on?

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I have a couple of questions about the new Intamin flumes. Does anyone know if the car is attached to the track or does it just run on top of the those poles? and what does the thing in the middle of the drop do? Is that what hooks it on?


The thing in the middle of the drop, if I'm not mistaken, keeps the boat straight (I would have said keeps the boat from falling off, but I remembered the old Arrow log flumes...), so the boat doesnt decide to turn a little and crash at the bottom.


The boat isn't attached to any track except for the lift hills. Its guided by the walls and pushed along by the water.

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^ The pictures are taken and uploaded by Cedar Point. We just steal them.

Can't wait to ride it this summer!

*facepalm* i knew that... don't judge me ( )


we're sneaky.


Woops... Sorry.



no, i fail. i didn't know that before, so i had a "stupidity" moment . lol

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