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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

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Day 3 at the park today. Had Fast Lane. SV x 8, Maverick x 15, MF and Magnum x 6, Iron Dragon x 1 (wife needed the credit), and the Giant Wheel. Every ride was a walk-on. Only twice did I see another person behind me in the FL line.


Tried twice to ride the train but that is quite the time commitment now. They spend 10-15 minutes unloading row by row and then cleaning the whole train. Missed getting on by 1 group the first time. Second time one other group was ahead of us when they closed the gate, again.


Backbeat and Chick fil A were both good.

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Did they happen to mention how heavy that train is?

I feel bad because this is all I post about lately but no... if a park has the ability to open and there's demand and they choose to stay closed then they're dumb. Period. Be creative and figure it ou

So basically there were about as many rides open as there would be in peak season with 15 mph winds.

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Was Fastlane available to buy the day of or in advance? We have season fast lane but only at great America. Looking to make a trip out to Ohio but only if we can get Fastlane.

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...He said Dragster wasn't down due to the wind, but for mechanical reasons. He added that it could be down for a while still...


For what it's worth there has been an email circulating around social media from the park, when a guest asked why TTD was closed. The park said that they are still working with the state to get the ride inspected, and allowed to open. However, due to Covid the process is taking longer than usual.


Take that as you will, I'm just trying to provide some insight on what I've seen circulating!


Not sure I fully believe their answer. I was there opening day and they had all trains ready to go with a full staff out on the platform. They did several test runs, but somewhere around 11 am - 12 noon there seemed to be issues with dispatching. Everything would be cleared for dispatch, the train would move out of the station a few inches and the ride would error stopping the train. Ride Operators and Maintenance looked extremely frustrated. I watched this process repeat itself about 5 times before I moved onto the next ride.


The next day (Friday) is when the actual "this ride will not be operating today" sign was placed at the entrance and had all trains parked on the transfer track.


Based off of my observation, seems more maintenance related but hey, I'm no state inspector and am not sure what safety tests/inspections need to happen.

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Fast Lane is NOT for sale on CP's website/app or in person at this time. However, if you really feel like splurging, you can buy the "All-Season, All-Parks" Fast Lane for $850 from Kings Island's site and it'll be valid at CP. Not sure if you'd need to go to KI first to "activate" it or not.

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Also, unpopular opinion: Steel Vengance isn't the best coaster at this park. Or even in the top 3. Fight me.


While this may be an "unpopular" opinion in the enthusiast world, I actually agree with you.


Honestly, I wouldn't even put it as a top 3 RMC that I have ridden if I were to actually sit down and think out rankings.

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^I can get behind that. I am not a big fan of their trains. I did really enjoy Iron Rattler however with the Gerstlauer trains.

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Any time someone tells me Steel Vengeance isn't in their top 3 at Cedar Point I assume they're one of those Magnum hipsters.

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Ooooh CP coaster ranks huh? I'm game.


1) Maverick [front row]

2) Steel Vag [front row]

3) Millennium [front or back]

4) Dragster [front row]

5) Raptor [back row]

6) Valravn [back row]

7) Magnum [back row]

8) Gemini [back row]

9) Wicked Twister [back row]

10) Gatekeeper [front row]

(big drop off here)

11) Blue Streak

12) Iron Dragon

13) Rougarou

14) Mine Ride

15) Corkscrew

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^To be fair... I also dislike Magnum unless I am in row 2 and using the seatbelt trick. I have been very vocal in the past I wouldn't be upset at all if Magnum received updated trains or was removed and replaced altogether. My "top 3" at CP in no particular order would be MF, Maverick (post soft vest conversion) and Raptor.

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^To be fair... I also dislike Magnum unless I am in row 2 and using the seatbelt trick. I have been very vocal in the past I wouldn't be upset at all if Magnum received updated trains or was removed and replaced altogether. My "top 3" at CP in no particular order would be MF, Maverick (post soft vest conversion) and Raptor.


You don't have to ride Steel Dragon to know that some B&M trains would be incredible. Toss aside the reason for more comfortable lap bars, the exposed open air trains would be the best.


The seat belt trick hasn't really worked for me, I have had equally painful and pleasant rides in the front and back. I just enjoy the back more on Magnum!

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Ooooh CP coaster ranks huh? I'm game.



I'll play just because I'm bored.... Raptor is my favorite invert, and Magnum has a bit of nostalgia and is still really fun.



1) Maverick

2) Steel Vag

3) Raptor

4) Dragster

5) Magnum

6) Millennium

7) Valravn

8) Rogarou

9) Gatekeeper

10) Wicked Twister

11) Iron Dragon

12) Gemini

13) Blue Streak

14) Mine Ride

15) Corkscrew

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Maverick and Millennium Force are my two favorites. I can't decide which I like better. I like TTD and Valravn somewhere after that. I guess if I had to try to rank things, Steel Vengeance would be #5?


I don't usually rank coasters, but I'd have to say:


Millennium Force (Tied)

Maverick (Tied)


Top Thrill Dragster

Steel Vengeance (for a few rides only)


Everything else

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Ooo here’s mine!


1. Steel Vengeance (goes between this or X2 for my favorite coaster)

2. Raptor (I have an addiction to this coaster)

3. Maverick (the iMac of roller coasters)

4. Top Thrill Dragster (launch is insane)

5. Magnum XL-200 (all hail the Death Run)

6. Millennium Force (yeah I said it)

7. Rougarou (most underrated coaster I’ve ridden)

8. Valravn (snoozefest)

9. GateKeeper (snoozefest AND surprisingly rough)

10. Wicked Twister (lots of fun around here)

11. Blue Streak (solid classic woodie)

12. Gemini (not intense at all, but good fun when racing)

13. Iron Dragon (“Hey honey, I fell asleep because I couldn’t feel a single force.”)

14. Cedar Creek Mine Ride (I get the worst staple every time I ride)

15. Corkscrew (would love to see a retrack with new trains)

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Hmm...I am sure to cause some controversy, but here's my list purely based on re-rideability:


1) Steel Vengeance

2) Millenium Force

3) Dragster

4) Gemini (it's just fun!)

5) Valravn

6) Mine Ride

7) Gatekeeper

8) Maverick (sue me)

9) Corkscrew

10) Wicked Twister

11) Blue Streak

12) Corkscrew

13) Iron Dragon

14) Rogarou

15) Raptor

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1) Millennium Force

2) Steel Vengeance

3) Top Thrill Dragster

4) Maverick

5) Raptor

6) Wicked Twister

7) Rougarou

8) Gemini

9) Blue Streak

10) Magnum

11) Pipe Scream

12) Valravn

13) Gatekeeper

14) Mine Ride

15) Iron Dragon

16) Corkscrew

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1. Magnum

2. Dragster

3. Millennium Force

4. Raptor

5. Gemini

6. Blue Streak

7. Mean Streak

8. Wildcat

9. Mantis

10. Wicked Twister

11. Corkscrew

12. Mine Ride

13. Iron Dragon

14. Disaster Transport

15. Woodstock’s Express

16. Jr. Gemini

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Hey all! I just finished with my first day at Cedar Point! Well, I'm not going to lie, I loved the coasters (that were open), but I wasn't overall a huge fan of a lot of aspects about the park. I'll get back to that a little later. It was my first time going to the park with Steel Vengeance, and I loved the ride! I thought it was gonna feel like a bit MORE, but I still loved it! I just felt like the airtime was gonna be a lot more violent like Storm Chaser. The airtime just felt a bit weaker, but there was a lot of it. It's so hard to determine what my favorite coaster in the park is. Its probably a three-way tie between Maverick, Steel Vengeance, and Millennium Force. Millennium Force might actually be my favorite.

I mentioned above that I love the coasters of Cedar Point, but am not a fan of a lot of aspects about the park. So, the first time I went to Cedar Point was in 2017 and it was on a overcast day at the beginning of the season; today, was a sunny day with a no clouds covering the sun. WHY IS THERE SUCH A LACK OF SHADE IN THE PARK???? So I'm ginger, and I layer on the sunscreen like NO OTHER. I was still sunburnt by noon. I think the main reason for that is that a lot of the midways in the park are so wide with NO SHADE. Millennium's queue is especially awful. Speaking of that, the line for access passes was half an hour long and it was all on that unshaded midway. The line was shorter than the line at Maverick, but it moved at half the speed. I wanted to get more rerides, but I saw the lines stretching into those unshaded cattle pens on a lot of rides, and I was just like "nope, not today." I love Cedar Point, I just don't have as much of a good time there as at other parks because of the lack of shade. I just wish the cattle pens were under a permanent roof or under those shade structures that they have over part of some of the queues.

Speaking of the access passes, I kinda wasn't a huge fan of the system that they used for the access passes. When I was at Kings Island yesterday, they were able to pass out the passes like crazy so that people weren't lined up on the pathways; Kings Island was busy, but the line was never longer than ten people for the access pass. All of the access pass lines stretched through the park. They were quick with Steel Vengeance, fairly quick with Maverick, but slow with Millennium. I wish that the system was an online reservation you could make. Or, since you have to make a reservation to get into the park (either as a passholder or as a hotel guest, which I was), I wish that they gave you a time that you can get on the three big coasters, if you do choose so. It was just kinda annoying to wait forty minutes for an access pass, and then wait another hour to ride after you have your pass.

I had a good time today there's no doubt about that, it was just kinda annoying at times.

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My Last Visit sadly from 2013





Mill Force

TTD (still scares the crap out of me)

Wicked Twister





Blue Streak

Mine Ride

Iron Dragon


Woodstock express

jr gemini

mean streak

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Still at the park for Day 2 now. Much improved from yesterday... But I'm not sure how much of that is actually improved operations or just me tempering my expectations.


In great news, Dragster was cycling again. Spoke with a white-shirt supervisor that was working the ride, who informed me that they were going through the state certification process and that if everything went according to plan,

it would be opening to the public tomorrow afternoon. Now, this is Dragster we're talking about, so chances are something will go wrong, but personally I'm fingers crossed for my first ride on it since 2008.

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