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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

P. 1989: Wicked Twister's permanent closure announced!

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Anyone know more of what was going on in the station/tunnel area that needed more work?
They're putting a ceiling/floor in above/below the station so things don't fall on the track before the launch as the train goes under the station.
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Wow, that was fast! Gotta give them credit for fixing the problem so quickly!


You know what else I find kind of odd, this is turning out to be a quick fix as if they anticipated it! Hmmm! They probably designed that spot so an S-curve would fit perfectly in case the heart line needed removing..which it did.
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Exactly im sure it's not the "oh no we open in 2 days what to do" type situation. I feel they knew after the first couple test but decided to keep everything under the wraps and then make an announcement and give the impression they just found out but meanwhile track is being shipped to the US even before the announcement. I think its a smart move to make it seem like the issue was solved over night.

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Even though you didn’t see it in the animation or original plans, we’ve installed what are known as “water bombs” that will explode as each train dives over the lagoon after the second launch! They’ll go off in sequence adding to the adventure and excitement of the ride.



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