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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

p. 2030 - Top Thrill 2 announced!

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From what I understand the theming for Steel Vengeance is that there is a conflict between Maverick and the new ride. Is it just me or does first inversion that turns into a half stall remind anyone else of the twisted horseshoe element on Maverick?

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I swear SteVen has the most beautiful wood I've ever seen. I've never in my life been so excited to go down on a woodie.


Honestly I'm shocked you haven't pointed out to us that you have an ex named Steven.

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Do the coasters at CP have Single rider lines. I'm visiting the park today and I'm working with limited time.


How long a drive was it for from Maryland to Cedar Point?


If you drive it all the way through its about 8 hours but if you break it up w/ a stop in Pitt or Canton it is much more manageable.

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Dumb Question, but

A Sunday in October, would all/most of the rides be open, or just the ones listed under haloweekends?

Only reason I ask is because Canada's Wonderland has 90% of the rides open on Sundays in October.

Thank you!

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So... Waiting in line for Millennium tonight, a storm came out of absolutely nowhere. It was about an hour or so before closing so we really didn't expect to get a ride on it but we decided to wait and see since CP never kicks people out.

With people leaving, we eventually made it into the station and the rain still coming down hard.

They started to take trains off as thunder and lightning passed through. The rain got heavier but at about 10:30 the lightning passed and to the delight of the 30 or so people left in the station the ride op came over the PA and said, "open gates, load train"

7 rides in the ridiculously hard rain later, the park closed.

But that had to be the most fun I've ever had riding a roller coaster. We were all nuts for riding in a torrential downpour, but oh was it worth it.

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