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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

p. 2030 - Top Thrill 2 announced!

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I remember back to when people were like "Oh, they can't go over 200ft... The existing structure wont allow it" and Cedar Point took that as a challenge to prove us wrong!!


I can't wait to see a clearer POV I could barely make out what was happening during the live stream!!

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Yesssssss. I can't wait!!!!!


Woohoo Cedar Point finally has won all of us coaster enthusiasts again


POV with Robb will be epic with all the airtime!!!

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5 coasters with first drops of 90* or more?

Steel Vengeance





And then they are counting either Wicked Twister or Gatekeeper? Either seems like a stretch. Gatekeeper is dive loop more than a "drop" or Twister being... Twisted and not being a traditional "first drop" type of coaster.

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Cedar Fair is putting Six Flags to shame with their conversions.


It's almost like Cedar Fair got the benefit of letting the designers get several years of experience converting rides vs being the company that took a leap of faith on an unproven company back in 2009.

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I'm only going to say this once...


We will be posting the announcement tomorrow as soon as the materials are available to us.




Anyone who does this will be banned forever from Theme Park Review.


Let me explain...


Posting the new ride information before we can do it actually creates MORE WORK for us as most of the time people who come on our forum and post info about a new ride will do a crappy job of it and then we have to not only do the work we are going to do to make a proper post about the new ride, but also clean up the garbage posts that people make.


No one here will get any extra points or look any "cooler" for being "first" to post the information. We aren't about being first we are about having good quality content. Please respect that. Thank you.


Everyone please read this again.

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THIS THING IS INSANE! I'm so glad there's no launch or tilt track or other stupid gimmick. It's just a HUGE, steep, fast, long, twisty ride! BRAVO!!!! I have no doubt this will beat Maverick as the "king" of Frontier Town.


I was so happy when I heard the clickity clack of the chain lift in the POV. This also basically cemented my plans to get a platinum pass for next year (I was already thinking about it with me living much closer to CP than before).


Also, this will be longer (in track length) than Mean Streak.

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