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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

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Did they happen to mention how heavy that train is?

OK these are freaking cool. https://cedarpointonlineshop.com/

Made it out to Cedar Point this past weekend, October 17th-18th with my mom and dad to visit my sister working at the park. My sister works at Dorney, but since they closed early, a bunch of full time

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I've been rallying for a launch halfway thru. No slow down like Maverick, just keep going and then speed up. And take the record for longest coaster, of course. Just my wishes…


Oh yeah, a double loading station with six trains. Never say never.


I think it would be pretty cool, if they turned the brake run into a launch! It probably won't happen, but boy would it be amazing!

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This one sure reads like it's Tony running the account. It's almost bursting with snark. (See how I'm being good and playing by the rules here?)

Two things:


1. It's not run by Tony.


2. Making posts trying to circumvent our rules and poking fun at them on top of it just got you banned.

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It's not run by Tony.


It's a pretty good red herring then.

^This. Also, there are pictures from before opening weekend that are clearly taken from inside the park. I think that this account would not be there for this long if Cedar Point were not okay with it.

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It's gonna be interesting to see how the park handles this project after they open in May. I mean I think it's awesome how they've frozen out all of the coaster nerds of the world all off season but I'd imagine when but the place is open and get thousands of guests per day asking "why ain't that big wooden coaster in the back of the park open?" they'll eventually acknowledge it somehow......... maybe?

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For anybody still interested...there are still tickets available

for the park's Coastermania!, on Friday, June 2nd.




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I don't understand why people seem to think the park needs to acknowledge or announce anything when they open in May. I expect them to not give any real announcement until sometime in August or September when they're making a push for season pass renewals. So people will go in the park and take pictures and ask questions. So what?


Not trying to be rude here, I'm genuinely curious why this seems to be a need for the park in some people's minds. Seems more like wishful thinking to me.

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