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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

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After thinking about it for a while, I doubt it will be a "most inversions" coaster like Colossus, it would be too much of a let down as they've kept it such a big secret, like Alton Towers did with Oblivion.


After this talk about all different types of coasters, it could just be an Intamin Hyper coaster like Expedition GeForce & Goliath (Walibi), but then again that signs says they're moving in a different direction.



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It could also be a rocket coaster with many inversions. I don't think something like that would be too much like TTD. CP has MF and Magnum and they are much more like each other than TTD and a multi inversion rocket would be...

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Port Aventura's wing-walker is supposed to have inverted track and a Rita-esque layout so if it is this same style, I'd guess the layout would be similar.


Ball coaster?


The ball coaster is Intamin's version of the 4D. Individual cars that travel on a vertical axis similar to a S&S Screaming Squirrel. (The models I've seen only show it travelling in a vertical axis (no raven turns, just screamin squirrel style drops) The track on site rules out the ball coaster, I'd say.


When did Port Aventura's Wingwalker coaster become inverted? It's been listed as a sit-down on RCDB since it was announced, and all the concept drawings show it sitting above the track...

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I think we all wish it was going to be a B&M flyer (as rumored here and on Screamscape), but based on the current evidence so far, it really is hard to believe CP is getting a B&M now. This is based on two criteria:

1. Look at those footers (and locations). The B&M footers tend to be retangular or square-type footers.

2. The pictures of the track segment(s) under those tarps....did B&M decided to switch track designs overnite?..lol

3. A B&M flyer (Mr. Kinzel's going away present) would surely look quite small in stature considering the footers in place already.


So, NO we cannot make the assumption of a B&M at this point in time

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Ok, so here's what we have so far. These are the facts.


1) There's Intamin track on site (already!) It's clearly Intamin... I know there are other companies that have SIMILAR looking track but you can tell by the patterns and the rails it's Intamin.


2) Footers don't really mattter... Any new prototype could have a change in what shape of footer they use. I mean, at any given time even an older coaster style could use a different shaped footer for any given reason (terrain/soil type/over water, etc.)


3) A few pages back Elissa was surprised that a lot of people don't know CP is getting an Intamin prototype for 2007. Something along the lines of "What? We're not supposed to know it's an Intamin prototype?" I don't think it's a joke, so let's go with that.


4) What is on site at CP is not 'ball coaster' track. Ball coaster uses taller track with sharp vertical 'turns' (the drops) It's more like a Screaming Squirrel than an "X". The track at CP ha s a wide radius and is traditional style track at least ruling out the ball coaster.


5) An aqua trax is not a prototype ride as there is already one in Korea.


I know a lot of people have said it so far... but my best guess is the Intamin Wing Walker-since several strongly believe it's an Intamin prototype and the ball coaster is ruled out. (the only other prototype, at least that we know about)


The only thing we know about wing walkers is the style of trains (as seen in the patent illustration in this thread) and that they use linear induction motors to launch. Anything's possible with the layout... and looking at the footers on the water is definately a good sight. I would say lean with the Wing Walker concept and its safe to say IT'S NOT A B&M!!

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I see it maybe an aquatrax, but I doubt that because it seems like that this kind of coaster HAS TO HAVE THEMEING in order to make it enjoyable, without the themeing it may seem kind of dull.

I remember reading an interview with a major cp executive and he said that they would not do heavy themeing like they did on Disaster Transporter, he said it cost to much money.

Also the way the footers are shaped over the pond show that there is a shape for interlocking corkscrews.

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I just had a little bird whisper in my ear.


I was given two clues.


The first clue didn't tell me much.


The other clue given to me made it obvious to me what this will likely be.


Let me just say, I am looking forward to experiencing this ride when it opens, as I've come close, but not had the opportunity to ride one before.


If you know a LOT about my coastercount and park trips, this could be enough to give it away to somenone, but I think that no one in this forum has all the pieces of this puzzle.




I just asked the little bird if I can share the clues to me with you. I'm waiting for a reply.

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The hints given to me by the little bird:


It is very rare, in fact there is only one.


That one is closer to you than it is to me.


(The bird lives near Milwaukee.)


I trust this bird's data frequently, and he's never steered me wrong. He did state that this was based more on known facts than insider knowledge.

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