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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

P. 1989: Wicked Twister's permanent closure announced!

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I'm going to assume polls are against the forum rules? Wondering what percentage think it will open Spring 2017, Summer or Fall 2017, or 2018. I don't have a strong opinion either way myself. But I am enjoying Cedar Point trying to hide what's going on!

I'm pretty sure someone already made one, unless that thread got locked.


Edit: Here it is. Knock yourself out.

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Maybe y'all should talk about that instead of boring things like skyrides and zipper pants.

I mean, parks become a lot more enjoyable when you can appreciate other aspects and pieces of engineering besides coasters, coasters, and only coasters. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


That is just my personal opinion though.

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^ I totally agree with you, and I always enjoyed information in and around parks,

and general planning for them. In my younger years. And still now, I enjoy hearing

stories and anecdotes about trip planning, etc.


And yes, even sky rides.

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why doesn't the train ever get any love here i'd argue that the train ride is even better than, dare i say it, skyride. you get to sit down and relax for 5-10 minutes for each section and enjoy the views along the way. always nice to look out and see lake erie and get a nice view of some of the coasters and scenery. and how could i forget the skeleton firefighter that doesn't even aim at the building on fire.

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Oh, and anybody who actually thinks there's anything inherently lame about cargo shorts needs to seriously get over themselves, and out of their pretentious little world...

If you're this offended about what one person thinks about your cargo shorts then I'm not sure it's the people who think they're inherently lame that need to reevaluate...


(Side note: nobody said you couldn't wear them - they're just ugly. Practical? Sure. Brutal? Absolutely.)


This is fun. I love the off-season.

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Still something I wouldn't be surprised to see happen! I'm sure the new trains they developed for Steel Dragon (a Morgan) can be updated relatively easily to match Arrow's specs - and if the track gauge is the same, even better.


Well Steel Dragon's track is vastly different than any Arrow. Steel Dragon has external wheel assemblies (like B&M and most modern steel coasters).




This configuration is different than any internal assemblies found on every other Morgan or Arrow coaster.


B&M has never developed trains with an internal wheel assembly, unless you count Psyclone at SFMM.

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Camera 3 has a great shot of the work on Cedar Point Shores and the Breakers expansion. There's a cameo from the Magnum and Rougarou trains also. There's tons of work going on today.


Wow...they really opened up a lot of space there!

That's what I was thinking. With that much space, they could make a really great waterpark.

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