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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

P. 1989: Wicked Twister's permanent closure announced!

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. . . Wish all parks would cover their coasters construction like CP/Cedar fair usually does b/c this never gets old to me.


I agree. I wish more parks would cover their construction like Cedar Point does. It makes the off season go by a lot faster, and it's awesome to watch!!


Then again if more parks covered their construction like Cedar Point does, more people here would complain because of to0 many pictures being posted of "some boats floating around."


I cant let the boat float away. I need the boat. And how could you kill the boat...

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Not to derail this thread too far, but I'm really excited about getting rid of Chick-Fil-A if for no other reason than that there will now not be an abandoned building half the weekend next to what is possibly the park's best attraction. Love love love that move.


(also still stoked about Valravn)

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Serious question--is this the world's tallest MCBR? I think it actually might be.


No idea, but even if it is it's possible that Leviathan's final brake run will still be higher.


(I'm actually serious)

Valravn's is taller than Raptor, right? I think Leviathan's is within like five feet of Dragon Fire. Leviathan's is still the most ridiculous brake run ever though.

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Serious question--is this the world's tallest MCBR? I think it actually might be.



I don't know, but I feel like Raging Bull has a significantly tall MCBR. I only got to ride it once, and it was many moons ago, but if felt like quite the drop.

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This will be an amazing ride. Certainly top 10 at CP!


But does the simplistic layout and transitions leave a little left wanting? I know (i'm British) Oblivion etc is far far less complicated. But I think my favourite rides where when I couldn't quite remember what came next. Maybe now I'm even checking up on this site has made riding roller coasters less fun. Too each their own I guess as I'm sure knowing the exact speed/angle/g-force is what gets the juices flowing for others.

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Cedar Point posted this photo on Twitter with a caption that said: "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."




Such a beautiful shot!


Also, Tony posted these photos on Twitter:










I can't get over how high off the ground that MCBR is!!

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