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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

P. 1989: Wicked Twister's permanent closure announced!

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^ Wow, people lived in 1996 ?



Looks pretty cool. I think PBB should also get into themeing there rides. Cp and PBB are pretty similar, i think.


The layout is quite interesting, and i thnk this may be a new favourite for many that visit Cedar Point. I mean, it has thrilling bits, it doesn't look that tall, steep drop, themeing. Maybe disney should get a ride like this. They are meant to be the family park, right?

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Hopefully the theming will be a little more detailed than what's in those impressions...what's the deal with those big metal slabs sticking up out of the ground???



And I'm wondering if anyone could pick out those 8 moments of airtime for me...

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I've just posted the video on page 1 of this thread:



Not too sure who it was that sent it to me, so thanks! I kind of wish they would just release the real video since it's already "out there" and the official one would look MUCH better than this leaked version.


Oh well....



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in the faq section they have put,


-Why Did Maverick’s Construction Start So Early?

The early phase of Maverick’s construction began on October 31, 2005 with the removal of the White Water Landing flume ride. Steel erection began on July 18, 2006. The summer construction schedule will provide ample time for all facets of the project to be completed so that Maverick will open in May 2007.


-What’s Going To Happen In The Tunnel?

The 400-foot tunnel is Maverick’s surprise element, and once in the tunnel you will be faced with many flamingos! After completing the first-of-its-kind Twisted Horseshoe Roll, the train will slow down to a speed of 5 mph. From there, the train will be launched using linear synchronous motor technology and will reach speeds of 70 mph before rising over a 74-foot hill!

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interesting ride, looks cool but does anyone else get the feeling this coaster woulda fit in better at another theme park?


It just doesnt seem to mesh into cedar point....


And the short trains are gonna be a nightmare for the lines, I feel like Intamin is shortening there trains just so the launch mechanisms will work better.


And as Ive said before, whats up with only 3 inversions? Come on now! An immelman after the 95* would been sick, loop after the turn outta the tunnel, cobra roll over the pond, Zero G at the end? Thats 8 inverions right there, much more fun than 3 and it would have been easily practical... I should start designing the coasters for this park, why do they hate inverions?!?


...and that drop reminds me of Ultra Twister at Astroworld (RIP). Fun intense drop but so short! Dive machines are awesome because you sustain the 90*, or Millenium Force and that 80*, its intense because of the gargantuan size of it. On this ride right when your 95* your whipping right back to horizontal, might be more painful than fun... just a thought.


I know all im doing is bashing, dont get me wrong, this coaster will be fun, its gotta lotta cool little elements, but I just dont think its quite up to CP's standards of there new coasters...

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And did anyone noticed the quote from Carole Sanderson "president" or knowledgeable leader of ACE:

"As a coaster enthusiast, I can't wait to ride Maverick," stated Carole Sanderson, president of American Coaster Enthusiasts, a worldwide club of coaster enthusiasts. "I believe Maverick will delight its riders with many surprising elements, including its compact layout and staggered launches."

"Compact Layout??!!?" What about this ride is a "compact layout?!?!!?"


"Staggered launches?" LaunchES????? Like as in Plural??? Um, Carole, last I checked...there is only ONE launch!


Sometimes it just amazes me how people can sign up for that club with how ridiculous they sound.


--Robb "I'm actually shocked CP printed that statement!" Alvey

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It would seem from what the CP has said this ride is for the Non extreme set. Basically there version of a family coaster. I think it looks great!


I just hope they actually theme the ride like the video and pictures show. Anyone remember The concept art for Plundge at KBF?

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I think Cedar Point began its plan to build a "family" coaster. Look at that. 3 inversions and a launch with only 57 mph. I think that's slow for Cedar Point standard. The only thing I'm interested in is the 95 degrees drop. Well, yes it's only 5 degrees deeper compared to Top Thrill Dragster. But 95 degrees is considered as a near-flip, right?


What's up with the low capacity? Maybe yes so the launch and the other things can work better, but 12 per trains? How long the line will be? Anyone knows how many trains will they operate? If it's less than 5, it maybe will have an extreme long line for the opening day.

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