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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

p. 2030 - Top Thrill 2 announced!

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More pics on our Twitter, but here is the final piece of the Immelmann being put into place!


It looks like they have cables attached to the first half of the loop, I'm assuming those are just there until the maneuver is completed, but my question is where are they mounted? And what is the specific purpose? (Holding back the track, supporting the track, stabilizing the track, etc...?)

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^ I'd assume they are attached to the track in a similar way the straps from the cranes attach of the track for lifting pieces.


The point of the cables is to keep everything stable and in place until the roller coaster can fully support itself. Like when they didn't have the top of the Immelmann in place those guide wires kept the track from swaying, and or collapsing.

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I'd like to find out why B&M uses different angles for their first drop supports. Fury 325, Mako and Valravn have their larger first drop supports that are not straight up and down, whereas Shambhala, Diamondback and Behemoth all have first drop supports that go straight up and down. Is there a reason for the difference?


That's not strictly a Valravn question, so that might not have been asked. Either way, since that's a more general engineering question, I'm pretty confident that this is primarily to work the supports (or more specifically the footers) around existing rides/infrastructure in the park. If you look at the pictures above this current post, you see that Perimeter Road goes right next to that big lift hill support, and the dorms are on the other side of the road. Angling the support would put the footer directly in one of those areas, so straight down seems to be the easiest option.

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^Sure doesn't seem like it. You're going to get the naked, unthemed, raw B&M in a Cedar Point park coaster experience we've all been accustomed to. In my humble opinion, while I love the park, these kinds of things could really bolster the park, but they continually decide to go without it.


This isn't really a fair criticism. Both Gatekeeper and Maverick use scenery placed nearby to enhance both the on and off ride experience. TTD doesn't have a lot of theming but the lights on the tower are actually a really clever way of ramping up the anticipation. The lights dictate when you launch, and they're towering over you, bringing home the scale of what you're about to experience. And it's a lot more than what you get with, say, Kingda Ka. It's totally reasonable to expect them to put some kind of theming on Valravn. It would be a massive disappointment if they did literally nothing, that's for sure.

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If you're claiming it will be massively disappointing if they don't add any theming, I think you may just be hoping for too much. You mentioned the small percentage of coasters that utilize thematic or scenic elements in one way or another, which is a far cry from being "standard" for CP.


I think we should be expecting more along the sterile lines of Raptor and MF.


(Although, I do agree it adds a lot to the experience in the coasters you mentioned, and I'm hoping they add something theme wise. I just won't be disappointed a whole lot if they don't)

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^I used the last three major coaster installations as an example. Doesn't that indicate a trend? What reason is there to assume there won't be any theming?


EDIT True, there doesn't seem to be any in any of the renderings, but that doesn't mean they won't surprise us. Again, just a few lights or sound effects timed to the drop would be more than nothing.

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^Looks great!


Looks like Cedar Point will be getting Fun Pix along with Carowinds and Kings Island.




This is great. I am surprised they haven't switched to this model already. I never care about the photo anymore in the physical form. I just want something to post on Instagram.

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Today Travis and I had the privilege of touring the ValRavn construction site! It was super cold and snowing, and by the end we couldn't feel our fingers and toes, but it was SO worth it!


We didn't get much time to ask questions, but here are a few answers from the Project Manager

-He said the whole planning process for the ride took a couple years, and they had to consider what layout would fit the area

-the ground work for the ride started the day after Labor Day

-May 7th is the premiere day

-It took 5 cranes to lift the second tallest drop

-Testing won't start till the April timeframe


Here's some of the pictures and video I took! Enjoy!



look at that new skyline <3


I wonder why this road is closed?


parts of ValRavn were everywhere!


follow the leader!


we got to sport these stylish hard hats :)


selfie! :)


Did I mention it was really cold?


I love the colors!


Looks really nice next to The Raptor




really wanted to climb those stairs :)






nerd shot<3


we were lucky enough to see the whole process of the Immelmann inversion being put into place!


that new paint job looks so good!




ohhh :)


that stuff all looks important...


WOW the whole coaster is in this box?!


these workers amazed us! a lot of them were working with no gloves and we were bundled up and still couldn't handle the cold!


lots of cranes and construction workers everywhere!


my favorite thing, an empty park <3


the park looks so different in the off-season


…for example there are not usually cars parked everywhere


such a great addition to the midway! :)


the size of this ride in person is crazy!


the track was supported by these giant concrete blocks!




getting closer to putting that next piece in...




gotta get that part at the right angle or they have to lower it down and start all over!


this whole process took a really long time, there were only 3 other people that braved the cold to watch the Immelmann inversion be put into place


getting closer!




worth the wait! watching this whole process up close was a really cool experience!


as we left, we said goodbye to the rest of ValRavn


This was a really great tour and we really had a ton of fun! I would love to just sit and watch this ride be put together everyday(if it wasn't so cold!)


Tony said there were actual company secrets in that bag! Wonder what secrets are hiding in there?


going old school with an actual level!

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Thanks to those who went and braved the super cold, and snow to be able to get some awe some photos of Valravn.


It's crazy how huge that Immelmann looks in the photos from the midway. It just towers over everything in that area of the park!!

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