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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

P. 1989: Wicked Twister's permanent closure announced!

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(Sorry for the double post)


Just wanted to share this unique footer for the base of the lift hill. Obviously I know a lot of the new B&M Coasters have this, so it's not really anything "new and amazing" but I still wanted to share it!




And then there's that one lonely support...




And the view we have all seen 13,805,468,923.685 times already.





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Dragster was down all day Saturday the 24th due to wind. I asked a friend who works Raptor of it was down also and she said it was, which makes sense since it has a lower wind speed restriction than Dragster.

Makes sense. We stayed on-property and had early admission, but passed on Raptor figuring it would be a walk-on towards the end of the day. Whoops, notsomuch. As we were walking away I remember seeing a train crawl into the MCBR. Didn't see it running after that.


I'd imagine Gatesleeper would be more sensitive to winds since the trains have the aerodynamics of a deployed parachute. Hopefully this won't be an issue with Valravn; those aren't exactly the world's sleekest trains, either. .

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Somebody shared this video on Facebook and I swear I nearly died laughing about seven seconds in.


(I tried to embed it, but it wasn't working, here's a link)


I like how they think it's called Valravn Birdseye...

Simply the results of poor translation. AskMen is based in Quebec if I remember right. I remember discussing this video a while ago. This is what happens when you edit official videos in an attempt to get more clicks.

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Somebody shared this video on Facebook and I swear I nearly died laughing about seven seconds in


You laugh now but let's see who's laughing when you come face to face with the Valravn Birdseye.

What, you didn't hear about CP's new sponsor


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I wonder how much longer into the year they will be painting Raptor and TTD until it gets "too cold" for them? I would assume they could continue throughout at least the rest of November, weather permitting...


But who knows, the top of TTD is probably what, 20 degrees colder than down below?

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