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Photo TR: Texas Weekend

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AS some of you may or may have not known, Catrina and I hopped in a pressurized tube this weekend and flew to Texas for a weekend of coasters, fun and unfortunately .... rain.


After getting our rental at DFW, we headed south to San Antonio. We might not be world travelers, but we did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.


Our first stop of the trip was Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Since Premier coasters are not really known for their reliability or short queue length, we started out our first day with a ride on Poltergeist. This ride was pretty much the same as it's enclosed counterparts, but a big difference was the lack of braking in the mid-course. It makes me wonder why the others are so heavily braked because it doesn't add any roughness to the second half.


S&S Tower.


Catrina loves Vekoma coasters and Kiddie coasters, so this was probably her favorite coaster of the trip.


After riding, I posed for a quick picture at the entrance beacuse I incorrectly though this was my 300th coaster. As it turns out, it was actually Superman.


About 30 minutes late, but Superman opened up with 3 trains. Too bad that their were only 2 employees running the ride.


1 person checking restraints makes me wanna cry, but hey ... at least they had three people working the ride photo booth


Catrina is just glad to be riding the first B&M of the day.


Fiesta Texas must not have gotten that "Fire all the character actors" because they could be found everywhere.


The train


Road Runner Express was a sort of Giant Mine Train ride that reminded me a little bit of Adventure Express at Kings Island.


A shot for all you lifthill enthusiasts.


Exiting the station.


Posing with Foghorn Leghorn in one of the gift shops.


Closed? You got to be sh**ting me? Oh well.


Back to Roadrunner to take more pictures.


In case you haven't heard. Six Flags Fiesta Texas is known for their shows and have won the Golden Ticket for the past several years.




I thought for sure that this ride would not open today, but low and behold, it started cycling rafts about 5 minutes later. I guess that SFFT didn't get the "Don't operate any rides that require more than 5 people" memo either.


A vertical loop shot for all you fans out there. You know who you are.


Superman: Krypton Coaster was a very interesting ride and made good use of the park's surrounding quarry wall. One second, you were in the park and the next ... mall parking lot?


I though the turnpike cars were pretty nifty looking so I had to get a picture.


Look like SFFT is already starting to stock up for Fiesta Fest.


After spending the morning at SFFT, we headed a few miles south to Sea World San Antonio.


Holy Crap!


One thing the Sea World San Antonio had going for it was the amazing entrance.


The entry arch was composed of 100% solid glass block. Pretty impressive!


What would a trip to Sea World be without some Flamingo pictures.


Through the misters, you can see the station for Great White.


Be sure to use the proper riding technique at all times.




First Drop


After Great White, we made our way to Steel Eel.


Catrina is just hoping that it is as smooth as Steel Force.


REally bad self-portrait before boarding the train.




Look Ma. No Scaffolding!




After riding the coasters, we went to the Sea Lion theater to check out the Clyde and Seamore show.


We hadn't caught this show yet, so it was a nice change up from "Pirate Island"


Next, it was time to see the big man.


I really liked the way the Shamu stadium was setup. It was kind of like watching a Def Leppard concert, but intead of Def Leppard ... it was killer whales!


Synchronized Swimming.


Steel Eel as seen from the other side of the park.


In case you have been living under a rock for the last couple of weeks, Sea World is adding a new attraction in 2007.




Next up was Shamu Express.


Well .... maybe not.


A shot back at the station.


Before we left, we wanted to head over to the other side of the entrance to check out a few things.




Clydesdale Statue. That means we can't be too far from ...




Serving up the free beer.


I opted for the Beach Bum Blonde. It was decent and I sure tha Wally will chime in right about now and let me know that it was just relabeled PBR or something.


Zombie Ted approves.


Our last item for the day was the Coral Reef Tanks. I was bummed to learn that they did not have a shark encounter here


Catrina and I pose in front of the tanks.


Time to head back north.


On the way back up north, we stopped a couple blocks from Schlitterbaun to grab some food.


Unfortunately the service was being REALLY slow, so we had to eat elsewhere.


Our bed for the next two nights. I love Priceline!


When I woke up the next morning, Catrina informed me that it was looking pretty crappy outside. After grabbing breakfast and stalling for a while, we headed into a very wet Six Flags Over Texas.


The Best of Texas Festival was going on which made me feel right at home. Country Crafts, Country food and Bluegrass!


I decided to give Jeremy a call and let him know that we were stupid enough to enter the park today. He said he would be up in 30 minutes. The wifey must have had him on diaper duty or something.


We headed into the gift shop to get some ponchos and couldn't resist the urge to take some silly pics.


Exhibit B.


The coasters were opening slowly so we grabbed the first thing we saw open, Mini Mine Train.


Next up was a ride on Batman because ... face it ... what's more fun than an inverted coaster in the rain?


The weather definately kept the crowds under wraps as every coaster was a walk on.


Won't be riding you today.




If I took weather into consideration when making out my top 10 woodie list, Judge might have sneaked in there. After a morning soaking, this thing was running GREAT!




Jeremy joined us and the first ride we headed to was the Texas Giant. After all the rain, this thing was running insane. No great air and the ride was shuffling pretty bad, but I thought it was still pretty good.



Derrick. Closed.


Catrinas peeks up at me while we wait to board the dark water ride.


Superman Tower


New for 2006.


Thank you SFoG.


No caption Necessary. Feel free to make your own if you like.


The rain slowed down, so what better ride to ride than the Log Flume.


Jeremy loves the Best of Texas festival because it is the only time the park looks and smells like SDC.


Catrina posing with Porky Pig.


Another Missed credit. (along with Titan, Shockwave, Boomerang and Freeze)


The park closed early at 4pm, so I guess it is time for some Bar-B-Q!


Jeremy Approves!


Cash money fool!


Thanks for reading.

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Great report Ted! Gyendolynne and I liked the trip we took for July 4th weekend. We didn't drive between San Antonio and Dallas though.


The Rattler really beat us up when we were at SFFT, so nothing other than a credit missed there. It rained on us also at SFOT. There was "threatening" weather in the area too which shut rides down.


Glad to see you had fun!

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Ah... another Cobb that runs great in the rain.


The Tornado at Adventureland (Iowa) runs amazingly in the rain. The thing was going so incredibly fast, the ride was smooth, and there was a ton of airtime with buzz bars. (Especially in the front row/car.) Unfortunately it's a very tempermental coaster, so it usually runs just "okay."

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Great TR, Ted. You were this close to some of the best barbecue in Texas at Rudy's in New Braunfels (and Schertz, and Round Rock...).



I gotta agree. They're the best, hands down. Love that hot sauce!


Every time we go to Schlitterbahn, we stop by there.

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Great TR but may I briefly point something out here..





"Ryan King I am your father!"






Yep, all you need is a Giants cap--yee freakin' haw! Thanks for sharing the pics, my fellow UK trippers.


Be careful of Casey, though--he likes to tackle people who wear ketchup shirts and Giants caps!

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^ LOL... "Call to your mama."


Other point of this post: almightyfire, I see you're relatively new to the boards. Please use correct spelling and puncuation in posts, and don't overuse caps. Internet shorthand isn't good either... don't use it. Gracias! It makes TPR better for everyone, including yourself.

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Nice pics Ted! I'm glad to see that you and Catrina still had a good time despite the weather at SFOT. At least that gives you a reason to go back sometime, although with a park like SFOT, do you really need a reason to go back? It and Fiesta Texas are two of our favorite Six Flag parks.

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