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America's angriest cities!


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Source: http://www.menshealth.com/cda/article.do?site=MensHealth&channel=health&category=metrogrades&conitem=9ca8a9f3340dc010VgnVCM10000013281eac____


How Angry Is Your City?

A side-by-side ranking of where residents are the most steamed


Illustrations by: Luba Lukova


email print




The last time an entire U.S. city got monumentally mad was back in 1864, when a guy named Sherman paid a little visit to Atlanta. This isn't to say that it takes 100,000 invading troops to make a town lose its temper -- Orlando has never been a strategic military target, and yet the folks there are furious. Yes, Orlando, home of the Magic Kingdom and mandated happiness. Who knows? Maybe living in Goofyville wears thin after 35 years.




Our search for evidence of urban anger began with the percentage of men with high blood pressure, from the CDC's Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (as calculated by Sperling's BestPlaces). We then factored in FBI rates of aggravated assaults and Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers on workplace deaths from assaults and other violence. And because rage and the road often go hand in hand, we also included traffic-congestion data from the Texas Transportation Institute, as well as speeding citations per state from the Governors Highway Safety Association.




Does your city's rank rankle you? We kind of figured it would.




(From most to least angry cities)




1. Orlando, FL


2. St. Petersburg, FL


3. Detroit, MI


4. Baltimore, MD


5. Nashville, TN


6. Wilmington, DE


7. Miami, FL


8. Memphis, TN


9. Jacksonville, FL


10. St. Louis, MO


11. Chicago, IL


12. Tampa, FL


13. Jackson, MS


14. Albuquerque, NM


15. Charlotte, NC


16. Dallas, TX


17. Houston, TX


18. Tucson, AZ


19. Indianapolis, IN


20. Wichita, KS


21. Birmingham, AL


22. Providence, RI


23. Durham , NC


24. Altanta, GA


25. Washington, DC


26. Denver, CO


27. Philadelphia, PA


28. Baton Rouge, LA


29. Fort Worth, TX


30. Phoenix, AZ


31. Lubbock, TX


32. Cleveland, OH


33. Greensboro, NC


34. Cincinnati, OH


35. Arlington, TX


36. Los Angeles, CA


37. Buffalo, NY


38. Grand Rapids, MI


39. Boston, MA


40. Columbia, SC


41. Tulsa, OK


42. Aurora, CO


43. Seattle, WA


44. Sacramento, CA


45. San Diego, CA


46. Montgomery, AL


47. Raleigh, NC


48. Yonkers, NY


49. Oakland, CA


50. Fort Wayne, IN

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I know when I lived in Orlando I was pretty angry. Of course, that's probably because of all the tourists who didn't know their way around, even though there are signs to everywhere like every 100 feet! Add in the obnoxious heat and the daily 4pm thunderstorm and that's enough to make even the Pope a little uneasy.

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Alright, I'm sandwiched between San Diego #45 (The land of Political corruption) and Los Angeles#36 (The home of gang violence and crazy drunks, AKA Paris Hilton, who was arrested for drunk driving last night in Hollywood)


It's not surprising to hear that when you live in Orange County, that you are surrounded and protected by the "Orange Curtain".

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^Hey saturday97, are your fellow Mormons typically a tense group? (No insult intended for assuming what religious beliefs you may follow) From what I've read over the years about the Mormon faith, is that it's a fairly happy and communal group. Even though the Mormons who practice plural marriages, may have to deal with those who may be a bit anal retentive about that part of the Mormon faith.


I've always wanted to visit Utah, I imagine it to be a nice place to live.

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This list is off in so many ways. I can see Orlando, since the roads are always full of dumbass tourists.


But Nashville and Birmingham ahead of Atlanta?!?! I wasn't even aware those cities had rush-hour traffic.



Atlanta has terrible road rage, as does LA (36th, ha!).

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Well, BelizeIt, I'm actually not Mormon. I'm a recovering Catholic, but that's another story


Mormons are a pretty good group. I have no problem with them. However, when any religious group has a majority, it creates issues for others in that area. Because this is such a granola kind of place, we have a group of very vocal, very liberal folks (you know, environmentalist hikers who wear fleece vests as a fashion accessory). I've got no problem with either group, but it seems to me that the two extremes create sort of a tense environment-- everybody has strong beliefs, so compromise is a challenge.


Plus, they hold themselves (the mormons and the environmentalists alike) to rather high standards, which is really admirable, but sometimes requires an unreasonable amount of perfectionism (which I utterly fail at, seeing as how I drink beer, shop at Wal Mart, and other unGodly and unGoddessly things). People who are perfectionists are usually pretty anal in my experience, and they have a tendency to spring a leak at some point.


I've only been here for 2 years and we are moving in May after I finish my Ph.D. but it is a really, uh, unique place. It's hard to describe, and it's nothing like I expected. People who have lived here longer than I have don't seem to notice some of the things that baffle me, so I guess you get used to it.


Beautiful, yes. Great for a ski trip or a camping/hiking trip.

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^A Beer drinking Wal Mart shopper!? In other words your a Sinner!


That's an interesting take on Utah, I've mainly heard about the area from friends/family who have gone skiing there. But, I'll keep it in mental rolodex as a place to go skiing/hiking on a long weekend.

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oh looks Sandusky's not in the list of the most angriest city

in the US! if so happy guessin' coz it has Cedar Point for

people's remain happiness.


1 Cedar Point ticket - $ 39.95 ( $ 9.95 for kids )

2 happy on the rides - priceless


what you can't buy in cash, that's Sandusky's happy!

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oh looks Sandusky's not in the list of the most angriest city

in the US! if so happy guessin' coz it has Cedar Point for

people's remain happiness.


1 Cedar Point ticket - $ 39.95 ( $ 9.95 for kids )

2 happy on the rides - priceless


what you can't buy in cash, that's Sandusky's happy!


Sandusky probably doesn't even count as a city. During the winter that place is dead and there is NOTHING to do.


Of course I'm from Orlando so I'm probably just angry.


Also if they are using high blood pressure as a benchmark that seems kinda flawed. High blood pressure can be a pathological indicator or just a result of being a lazyass who eats too much McDonald's. Wait, don't a lot of ACE people live in Orlando? Eureka!

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