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My Personal Airport Hell


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I have my AIRPORT HELL too! It was January 3, 2004. I took a flight from Orlando to Los Angeles. It was 5-hour flight! We had to leave our hotel at 3 a.m.! Then the Los Angeles-Singapore route! We were there at 12:20 p.m. Our flight was 8 p.m. so there we were stuck in the airport for the whole day. When we were in a seating area, the guys next to me also turned on his MP3 very loudly. ARGH!

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I also hate it when people think EVERYONE is a terrorist.


One reason I went to Cedar Point and not WDW or DLC. Then there's the little kiddies who think they are rich and all who then start screaming bloody murder if they don't get what they want on the plane.


Then the people who HAVE to bring every last Parcel with them. Then there's the people who try to cut everything saying their flight will be leaving soon.


I still think Barry's is the worst. Never happened to me, but the way those attendents don't even let you go to the bathroom without a 5-minute arguement is outrageous. They assume you're all crazy and will disobey the rules at will.

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Dude, did you EVER get out of Florida?!?!?! Sounds like some really random aribic stuff that dude is listeing too, better hope he's not carrying any water or liquid soap on the plane....even though that was yesterday...


Colin C


Um, so you're saying listening to Arabic music makes you a terrorist ?

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