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Robb & Elissa's Mini Walt Disney World Photo TR!


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Hey everyone!


We kind of snunk away from California for the weekend to spend some time with Elissa's family. And of course, being that Elissa's family live in Florida how could we NOT spend at least one day at a theme park?


So today we headed to WDW for some Epcot and Magic Kingdom Fun. Here's the breakdown.....


- We were really expecting Saturday of Labor Day Weekend to be PACKED! It wasn't at all!

- Rode the "non-spinning" Mission: Space to see what it was like and to be honest, it was still quite a bit of fun!

- Got on Test Track, Journey Into WAAAAY too much Figment, then rode Soarin'

- After riding Soarin' we went to ride Soren! And we did!

- Did the "lap" around World Showcase, did some shopping in Japan, and it was time to complete our Epcot day.

To view a special little Epcot video we did just for TPR, click here:



- Took the Monorail over to Magic Kingdom.

- Where are the crowds?!?!? Everything seemed like it was a 20 minute wait or less!

- Got on Space Mountain, Buzz, Peoplemover (why did CA have to screw this up???), Big Thunder Mountain, and then it was off to the best part of the day....


- OHANA'S!!!!! Yummy meat on sticks and LOTS of it!

- It was time to end our day and head back to the hotel after a red eye flight and a long day at Disney.


Anyway, onto some photos.....


And we leave you with this fairly mundane photo from Ohanas. We look tired because between the 8 of us we have consumed 2 cows, a turkey, and some random meat parts!

Hope you liked the update! =)


"Cousin Debbie, I would like 2 more skewers of charred animal flesh, please!"


Lots of fire means lots of charred animal flesh!


Now we're talkin! Yum.......


OMG! OMG! IT is *THE* yes...you know it *SIGNATURE SHOT!!!!*


"Hi, I've been up for about 30 hours now and I look like total crap! But Thunder Mountain still likes me!"


Awww....Reed and Stacey look SOOOOO cute....now go blast some aliens!!!


"Hey Disneyland, where's your Peoplemover?" =)


Magic Kingdom still has their Peoplemover.


Just in case you forgot how to wash your hands, Disney reminds you! Too bad there were no instructions on how to take a dump! Sorry for the mess!!! =)


And it's got cool space men doing manual labor during the lift hill.


"Hey California, Florida has had this effect since 1975!" ;)


Ahh, Magic Kingdom's Space Mountain. My favorite Space Mountain "track layout." If this version had the music of the Hong Kong/Disneyland CA version it would easily be my FAVORITE!


A rare sight, Carousel of Progress was spinning round and round.


Damn I would be HOT as Tinker Bell!!!!!


OMG! Screw the Transformers! I want to buy Soren! "How much for this?"


Hey look! Transformers! "How much for this?"


This must be how god sends a text message to Jebus.


OMG! It's Epcot....THROUGH THE TREES!!!!


Soren is out there somewhere....and we're gonna FIND him!!!!


"Wonders of Life"......DEAD!!! So sad I miss Body Wars and Cranium Command. :(


"Why I say, Young Sherlock Holmes, if we follow that sign, we'll get where we need to go!"


Ahh, what a nice sight to see! Monorails that aren't in Vegas or in California.


Ooooh...pretty....you can certainly tell we are NOT flying into Los Angeles!!! =)

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That was great! Did Soren know you guys were coming, or did you jump out and surprise him and scare the KRAUT outta him!!!?


Random dumb question:

You guys always rave about Ohana's. Is it inside a park, or at a hotel?


G "You know how I know you're gay...you love meat sticks!" Money

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That was great! Did Soren know you guys were coming, or did you jump out and surprise him and scare the KRAUT outta him!!!?

No, he had NO IDEA! It was so awesome! He was shocked when we saw him! Basically, this was more of a "family trip" as this is the only park day we've got this weekend. But we had such an awesome day so I had to do a Photo TR!



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OMG OMG OMG!!! GOD IS TRYING TO CONTACT US!! who did that? was it like part of a joke?


Anyways, wow I havent been to Disneyland since I was like 6. That makes........holy crap 10 YEARS?!? I have got to get my ass down there.


Heh, I still remember alot though, like the cranium command ride my dad rode with me and he was like lecturing me on all kinds of stuff about the brain. We always stayed @ the Mardi Gras Resort (i think that was the name, it was mardi gras themed anyways..). My family went to New Orleans alot so we had a nagging for mardi gras. Not to mention the little waterslide in the back ROCKED (well, for a 6 year old it did).


Anyways, nice TR robb!




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Aw that looks like a fun little trip! I went to Disney a couple of weeks ago, no blackout dates anymore... yaaay.


Glad you guys had fun though! Oh... and that Jesus sign, its crazy how almost nearly EVERY trip I go to Disney (especially Animal Kingdom) I see that written in the sky link: .... must be a daily thing?



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Hey I didn't know Elissa's Dad was on the UK tour..he has got the shirt on...that is soooo Rad...LOL...Now I am a totaly fanboy, I notice way too much in your photo's Robb....LOL...sorry it's been a long day and I have been drinking:)


Casey"goin' to the fridge for another hard lemonade"Childers


PS I am allowed to use the word RAD I am old enough and the Movie by the same name is soooo cool....it had Bart Conner in it...LMAO now I am really showing my age:)

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MMMMM!!!! Meat on sticks!!! I've never been to Epcot as many times as I have been to DisneyWorld(every year for the past 6 years). My dad loves Epcot. I'll have to try Ohana's out next time I go. Looks like good eatin' to me. Looks like you guys are having great weather compared to us up north in Philly with the remnants of Ernesto raining on our Labor Day weekend.

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Dangit Robb and Elissa, I thought your secret trip was coming to Reno to ride the only credit left in the area....LOL....Yes Rich I got my drink..muahahahaha...brain cells killed...woohoo...Great Pics you guys....meat on a stick is always good....


Casey"gotta go rent Rad again...such a great 80's movie"Childers


PS...Even if the bus is vertical..BOTBC forever!!!!!!!!!! YEAH BABY!!!

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Hey guys,


first of all, yes I am working at the German Pavilion at Epcot! We have this nice rotation there, so you really have to look for me! I could be everywhere!

Anyway, it was the best surprise ever! A co-worker told me there is someone who want to see me and then I opened the door and saw Elissa, Robb and Reed! That was awesome! Thanks again guys for this nice surprise! I miss you all and I am looking forward to october!




Here is another nice shot! =)

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