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SF Great Adventure Tips

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Hey, my family and I are going up to SFGAdv for a long weekend; the 28th-1st. Saturday will be a full day at the park, and Sunday will be more like a half-2/3rds day.


Can anyone give us some tips on what do in first, how lines might be this time of the year, and so on? Thanks to anyone who can help, we really appreciate it!




*EDIT: Also, does anyone know if anything more has shut down since B&R and RMT?*

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Chiller and Mine Train have been down and will probaly be down for the rest of the year.


As soon as you get in to the park, run to Ka and wait for front row. Then go over to El Toro, Kingda Ka with two trains is awful.


Besides that everything else you should be fine with, have fun and ride El Toro at night. You will be amazed!

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If the lines are long to buy tix to get in, go to the VIP experience booth and express interest. Then, say "no" and ask to buy regular tix there. This skips a lot of waiting.


Also, skip the Safari. I mean, how many different types of deer do you need to see!

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