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I'm going to try one mroe time at organizing a No Limits Competiton (since my last was a flop) This one is called Intaminins Galore!.


Your Mission

Create a Intamin Mini acclerator/Airtime machine.



-Gs cannot go over +5 or -1.5. Lats should not go red.

- A Stealth Clone will not be allowed and you will be disqualifyed

- Height limit: 100ft (anythnig higher will be Disqualifyed. 100.xxft will be allowed)

- Speed limit: If an acelerator it cannot launch faster than 50mph

If it's a Airitme Machine it cannot go faster than 80mph

- Must be the 2 seat Hyper style

- 3Ds objects are allowed but you will not get extra points for it




10pts for entry

0-25pts for a Smooth track (no pumps, no Bumps)

0-25pts for passing the tunnel Test and a working E-stop (does it pass? how well does it pass?)

0-25 pts for Good supporture (does it hold the track adiquately? Do they look good?)

0-25 pts for Originality (How original was the layout? How well did you pull it off?)

5pts for a full Track info (Complete with, Title, Description, specs,, and credits)


There is a total of 110 possible points


Submission and Sign ups

You May not sign up past Sep 31st

You May not submit past Nov 26th (my bitrhday)


To submit your track Please E-mail it to me at Burnout123@optonline.net with a subject of "Entry" Please include a screenshot and a small descrition in your E-mail.


if you have any questions or would like to sign up please post here.

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