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Skyline Park

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Very cool! I know there were several track modifications done on it as well when it was in the hands of Six Flags, but does anyone know exactly what was done? The first double loop looks like it was raised...anything else?

That's it for the track. Wieland Schwarzkopf did an overhaul of the trains which resulted in new wheel assemblies, seats and shoulder harnesses - and reduced the cars per train to 5 (down from 6).


I really hope that we can see Premier's dirty work removed. Zee Germans would not be pleased if they didn't...

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The park won't be buying Thriller after all.


Refurbishing the ride to meet today's European standards would cost too much, and important documents are missing.


This according to a respected member of onride.de, who spoke to the park's marketing director earlier today:


Neueste Info: Der Thriller kommt nicht in den Skyline Park. Es gibt kein Baubuch mehr und die Bahn lässt sich nicht wirtschaftlich 13814-fit machen. Der Kauf wurde kurzfristig abgesagt.


Quelle? Silke Möller-Combes, Marketingleiterin des Skyline Parks, heute Mittag auf der f.re.e in München.

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That is.. disappointing.


Oh well, I can really understand the park here, the ride has to be imported from South America, and if it's also in need of a very expensive renovation, then I imagine that it is up there in the "new coaster" price range.


Will be interesting to see what they annouce instead.

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Skyline Park has announced a "world premiere" for next season.


What we know:


- world premiere

- thrill ride

- has rails and is similar to a roller coaster, but is not actually a roller coaster

- German manufacturer

- takes up a space of 100 by 20 metres

- no inversions

- opens summer 2016




What could it be ?!



video by parkerlebnis.de

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Well... uh... the park just announced they want to build the the world's tallest coaster.


Speaking to a local newspaper about this year's Sky Dragster:


If the propulsion system works well, we want to build the world's tallest coaster. It should be around 140 m tall.

Until now, tall coasters required cooling of the wheels, which led to lots of downtime.



source: Augsburger Allgemeine (local newspaper)

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^ So Europa seems to get interesse in the sky. Well a 140 meter high coaster is something for a park wich literally has sky in its name and names almost all their coasters with Sky. My best guess would be it's going to be called: Sky High.

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After doing some research (as to how much this ride would surpass Kingda Ka if build) I line of thought came to mind.

What if Sky Scrapper at Orlando Eye gets build, that ride would surpass the 150 meter mark, are they still going for the world's tallest? Or are they happy just surpassing Kingda Ka? I mean I would seriously be stunned if they add another 20 meters just to beat Sky Scrapper.

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