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Photo TR: WB11 TV Shoot At Astroland, Coney Island 8/31/06

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My dad got home from work and dropped me off at Astroland at 5:45. At 6:00 Am they started filming with 6 people (including my self), Larry Hoff and his crew on the Scrambler. In between takes I fell asleep in the car. After about 3 rides, they made us ride the big Apple. Yes the Big Apple (Pinifari Wacky Worm). There were long breaks in between shoots.Two more people came. They made us do th tea cups, twice. I span out of control, it was intense. Then we did the Carousel, which we broke while they were filming (The motor went dead).


Then around 7:30 we moved up to the Water Flume. Anthony (MedusaDude) then met up with us. We did two takes on the Water flume. The first time I barely got wet. The second time, apsolutely drenched, that everyone looked and was like, "Holly ----!" It was also really cold out! We ate breakfast (bagels and a doughnut) and we went on Break Dance. Originally they were supposed to film on Top Spin 2, but it broke last Saturday and they never bothered to fix it! Break Dance they ddi opne shoot, and they ran it slow. Slower than rodeo Stampede. Anthony and I were pissed, btu oh well. We were finished and Anthony and I left and cought the N train,a nd we went home.


Me at Astrolnad at 5:45 AM.


Good morning Cyclone



Me on the Scrambler


Nice old Logo.


"I'm still tired"


On the Big Apple!


On the Tea Cups


Anthony doesn't look too happy to be riding the Water flume


My breakfast!


Anthony and I on Break Dance (I swear to god we are not wierd!)


Time to go home!


Thanks for reading!

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