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Any Degrassi Fans


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Yeah, yeah...I'm 20..but i've been watching it since it aired...

I like Marco, Spinner, Ellie, Dylan, Alex, Jimmy, JT, Toby, Peter, Paige & Sean .


Emma, Manny, Hazel, Criag, Liberty, Jay, Ahsley, Danny, Darcey are cool charcaters but...yea I really got into the show because the things that go on in the degrassi episodes are some of the same things that kids go through in real life school. Majority of the time, it also shows how to deal with a bad situation.

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I changed my mind, its 3AM and i just finished watching a Degrassi episode.



That Peter dude, i think he is, new favorite, ar maybe that one guy who marcos told to come out... hmm i forgot his name....


*Netflixes Degrassi*


Last a i heard JT HATED Liberty, and now shes having his babe? i have to catch up!

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Ooh degrassi! new season starts end of this month!


Favs are Marco and Paige. They both have been through serious s**t over the run of the show.


I didnt used to like Spinner/Gavin, but in the last season, the character has grown into something more than just a screw off. We actually see he's got more depth and I like that.


I hate that Terri got into the coma, but then its like you never hear about her anymore. I mean, even if she's off the show, they should mention something. Afterall, the shooting did concern her in a round about way...


OK...I just proved my dorkiness over this damn show.

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