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Walygator Parc Discussion Thread

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I went there yesterday, the park was 1 train op for all the coasters that day which made for long waits. Monster had a 45 minute wait with one train running, it was running good. I still like Raptor better though, maybe cause it doesn't look like a construction zone like Monster does.

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My guess is they they had to choose between opening it now, or finishing all the other stuff, and they wanted to get it open asap. Probably (hopefully) it will be finished in the off-season!


I spoke to the park manager when I was there - he spotted me taking photos and wondered why - and that's what he told me. The plan is for the whole ride to be painted in a black and yellow scheme.

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I was at Walygator Parc briefly on Thursday morning and took a few rides on The Monster. It's a good ride - not quite as good as Katun @ Mirabilandia - and pretty much as I remember Raptor being. The other train was being worked on in the transfer area but even with just one train in operation, the queue was always less than 20 minutes long. Here are lots of pictures for the TPR park index!


Park entrance


The Monster's logo


The Monster's sign


Entrance to the queue








Safety warnings







You just zip straight through here...!

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I seriously think that there are more people in that first picture, than were at Walygator when we went there with TPR a couple of years ago. The place was absolutely deserted!!


(Of course the same could be said of Expoland when we rode Orochi later that same year. There *might* have been 10 other people in the park when about 6-7 of us ran out there!)

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^That is disgusting, no park should be left to rot like that, especially if it still open. If you aren't going to maintain the theming, just remove it, and also, it might be beneficial to purchase some paint every now and then.


Judging by the photos, I'm guessing the owners are the type who go "It's still functional, so we're not do anything about it damn it."

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LOL! To be honest, it doesn't look *that* much different than it did four years ago! The place is a dump, I don't know what they're doing!


We're stopping for a VERY quick stop on the TPR Europe Trip this summer and I'll be curious to see in person if it looks that bad.

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What a mess since this was Walibi Smurf in the first years; i still have the "Big Bang Schtroumpf" media kit with the park's revolutionary concept; incidentally, Anaconda (which was not THAT bad at the time !) was my first woodie ever. The brothers who bought the park some years ago are actually travelling showmen who wanted to settle down with some of their rides. On French forums, they are heavily criticized as very bad park managers but the French should be grateful they brought Monster, as it was the first significant (i mean good) coaster in their country (ok, OK Corral had a Looping star at a time....) Monster was also supposed to be painted, then this was postponed and honestly, seeing the state the park is in currently, I don't see them survive a very long time... I DO NOT wish them bad luck, of course, but if they fail at keeping the park decently open, the only good thing would be a NEW relocation of this Raptor clone, closer to where I live. Any Belgian park will do Bellewaerde has been in need of a coaster for ages, Plopsaland is getting a new coaster in 2013, Bobbejaanland maybe ? (they still need a thrill coaster) or why not even relocate it at Walibi Holland to replace the infamous SLC prototype "El Condor" ? or even Toverland would be a good new home to it if they want a steelie...

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