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Photo TR: M&Ds Scotland's Theme Park


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Believe it or not despite M&Ds being my local park up until today I only had one credit from this place. That credit being the Pinfari RC70 aka Tornado aka Death Machine. So having the day off due to me getting the English Bank Holiday instead of the Scottish one for some reason I figured the park would be dead today and I'd hopefully be able to get all my credits in and never have to return to this awful place again.


Despite being curious about how Tornado was running without its corkscrew (the corkscrew was removed this year and replaced with an S-bend) I decided I wasn't going to bother paying the money to ride that piece of crap and so only bought enough tokens so I could get the credits I needed.


Hit up the kiddie coaster first, well after playing a game of find a ride op. I managed to find about six of them huddled round one stall and the clearly were more interested in screaming at each other in Polish rather than talk to me. I thought I'd had my fill of Polish staff at the Pleasure Beach last weekend too. I eventually managed to communicate to one of them that I wanted to ride the kiddie coaster and eventually got on. Standard Big Apple - not much more to say about it.


Next I hit up the Pinfari RC40 aka Express. This is listed as retired on rcdb. It's been in the park all season from what I can tell. It was gone last year and was doing some travelling fairs. Anyway, why does this thing have over the shoulder restraints? I see no logic in them at all on this ride. Add to that I had to slouch down in the seat so that they'd come down this was a very uncomfortable ride for me. Still a credit nonetheless.


After that I went for what I thought would be my final ride in the park - Vortex the Pinfari Invert. I was actually surprised at how good this was, being a Pinfari I expected it to be as rough as hell but It was actually ok, nothing spectacular but I came off wondering why I wasn't in any pain at all. Best Pinfari I've been on. I also came off wondering why I still had tokens left in my pocket. I realised that the Vortex ride op hadn't taken any tokens from me. Instead of doing the honourable thing and going back to give the ride op the tokens that I clearly shouldn't have been in possession of I figured I may as well check out how the Death Machine was now running.


Ok, so I expected it to be hellish and it was. The S-bend isn't as rough as the corkscrew was but that doesn't make up for the rest of the ride rupturing your spleen and taking chunks out of your body. This is still for me the roughest coaster in existence. The restraints don't even clip down they're merely clipped on by a bit of seat belt. It's very disconcerting and frankly I've pretty much had my fill of M&Ds.


I also noticed that the Booster Maxx that had appeared there a few weeks ago is now gone in true M&Ds fashion.


Thankfully I was only there for half an hour and doubt that I will need to return. M&Ds the SFMM of Scotland.


Maybe I should have read the warning! They're not kidding! Thanks for reading!


The ride like the rest of the park - still sucks.


A final shot for the lift hill enthusiasts out there.


I'm still not looking forward to this.


Complete with swanky new S-bend!


Time for some white hot death!!!


My 50th coaster too.


Next up was the Pinfari Invert which was surprisingly good.


Mmm. Best part of M&Ds.


Got this UK credit Tom?


Here's one for all you lift hill enthusiasts. You know who you are!


Next up: Express - a Pinfari RC40 which makes occasional appearances at this park.


Find a ride op and you might just get to ride!


First credit of the day: Big Apple.


Here I am at M&Ds or as I like to call it: The Tragic Kingdom

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And to think my brother and I missed this place when were in Glasgow back in 2004. How many Americans can say "I rode a Pinfari Death Machine in Scotland"? (Well, I rode one in Wales last June.) Thanks for the pics.

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Somehow I get the feeling that the elusive travelling Pinfari credit will be around for a while, from what I gather it’s been there most of the season. But with M&Ds you can never be sure as they’ll move any ride onto the travelling circuit without notice. It’s just like a Déjà vu - it might take 4 or 5 visits to the park to actually get the credit.

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