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Safest Restraints and Manufacturer

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My favorite restraints are either Butterfly restraints like the ones used on X and that "other funny 4-d coaster whose name I cannot pronounce" or the B&M ones on their flyers and floorless coasters. The restraints are extremely comfy and are a perfect fit. B&M overall makes the best restraints though. I love the design they used on Floorless coasters like Scream! where the seats are slightly reclined and the OSTR's are very comfortable.

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I feel the safest on any coaster with a B&M restraint. They are nice and tight, but they do not take away from the ride experience. As for the worst, it would probably be arrow restraints. I always feel like I will fall out.


Airtime-Vekoma makes some damn good restraints too-&Gravity

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I like it when restraints don't touch my body!


On the flip side, I think that the new Premier Lap Bars are pretty awful, I mean I love the idea, and they're better than getting your head bashed apart, but the weight of them on my stomach makes me sick. I could barely ride Mr. Freeze because it was hurting so bad.


Elissa "so for upside down rides I like the Intamin stuff!" Alvey



I must agree on the Buzzbars, nothing like bruised thighs to show for ejector air!

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My favorite restraints would probably be the ones used on X...


aslong as the Aggressive Black Lady isn't working.



But i've never really got into a coaoster, or any ride for that matter, where i didn't feel safe enough to ride. Save for maybe a zipper.



Did she staple you too?!!! that was freakin annoying, I couldnt breathe the ENTIRE ride!!! When I got off I unfortunately decided to give her the finger. (and loose my possible Girl Friend at the same time) yeah, still like the restraints though

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In terms of feeling secure, that'd be those newfangled Maurer X-Car lapbars. They feel like you've had everything below your waist encased in concrete and bolted down to the platform of the ride vehicle.


But they are simply the worst restraints I've ever had the displeasure of having touched me. Having a giant wedge of heavy rubber creep ever further under your ribcage throughout the duration of an already uncomfortable ride is pretty miserable. It’s like getting a lapdance from a really fat chick who’s still eating and putting on weight as she sits there!


So in the trade-off of security and comfort, SaS get my vote. Their new lapbars with two points of locking movement are wonderful. Flop it over your lap and make the fine adjustments by sliding it in and out.


They need to tighten them up a tad though. They tend to have an inch or two of "give" which is kinda unnerving

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