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NEWS: Man dies following Tramore amusement park accident.

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Very limited information maybe more news later. Anybody have some photos of the ride.




A man has died after following an accident at an amusement park in Co Waterford yesterday.


The incident took place on the ghost-train, in the seaside town of Tramore.


It is believed that the man, who was in his 20s, fell off one ghost-train and was struck by an oncoming train. He was removed to Waterford Regional Hospital, where he died at 8.30pm. The man is believed to be from Dublin, and holidaying in Tramore.


Gardaí and the Health and Safety Authority have launched investigations.

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I know this may be not tactful and I apologize in advance (My sympathies go out to the families involved).


If somebody dies in a haunted house, wouldn't it be perfect for their ghost to start haunting it. I think it would add to the ride.


That said, this is strange and I'll wait to see more information. I don't understand how you fall out of the cars on this type of ride...


-James Dillaman

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Don't they normally have a lapbar on those things? And I really can't see how someone could get injured by a 2MPH moving car thing. Still, that's very unfortunate... plus I'd probably freak out if I was just lying there in pitch darkness with ghosts and crap all around me!

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OMFG! I didn't know about amusement parks in IRELAND! (Then remembers an Ireland trip when he was 3) o yeah, I remember going to a seaside park or fair, but I highely doubt it was that park.

Really unforchente, I hope it wasn't one of my relatives who live in Dublin. But I still feel sorry for him.

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And I really can't see how someone could get injured by a 2MPH moving car thing. Still, that's very unfortunate...
Some may be slightly elevated due to running rails, and there be just enough room to squeeze underneath and suffer some serious injury if you get snagged up the wrong way.
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Well turns out what I thought might have happend did. Seems the kids were playing a prank on the car behind them and got hit. Silly people do silly things.



Gavin Mason, from Artane, and three friends boarded the ghost train at Tramore’s amusement park in the Waterford seaside town on Saturday evening. The deceased is believed to have got out of the two-seater carriage inside the ghost train tunnel as part of a prank, attempting to scare others who were also taking the ride.


Unfortunately, he appeared to have stumbled on part of the electric track and was struck by another carriage which arrived moments later.


The ride was immediately shut down, pending an examination of the scene. An Order of Malta ambulance crew attempted to resuscitate the man at the scene. He was brought to Waterford Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead.


Gardaí and the Health and Safety Authority are carrying out separate probes after the accident at Tramore Amusement and Leisure Park on Tramore’s Strand Road.


The park was open yesterday but the ghost train ride remained shut. Park manager Frank King said the incident happened at around 7.30pm on Saturday. “The matter is under investigation by the appropriate authority and until the precise circumstances have been established, it is not appropriate to make any further comment. Our deepest condolences are extended to the family of the deceased,” Mr King added.


It’s the second time in four years that an accidental death has occurred at the amusement park. In August 2002, 16-year-old John Flavin died while operating the former sling-shot ride at the park. The local youth grabbed the cage in which customers were held and got carried into the air.


He was then crushed between the ride and the barrier as it came back down to ground.


In a separate unrelated incident, the body of a man was taken from the sea also in Tramore yesterday morning. The man was observed by an early morning worker at Dooley’s fish and chip shop and a council staff member walking along the beach.


He was reportedly seen removing some of his clothes and began to walk out into the sea, ready for a swim. The two workers immediately contacted the emergency services and the body of a man was recovered around 7.45am.


Click here for irishexaminer.com stories before this date

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"And I really can't see how someone could get injured by a 2MPH moving car thing." (Golfie)


Want to know what the deadliest ride at Disneyland was? The old PeopleMover, one of the slowest rides in the park. Its slow speed actually led people to think that they could goof off, like hopping from car to car, getting out, etc. Then a few of those people tripped or somehow got caught under or between the cars.


Get a copy of Daniel Koenig's Mouse Tales: A Behind the Ears Look at Disneyland. Some good, interesting reading.



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I just got back from holidays so i wasn't here to post on the accidnet but now that i'm back and being able to do a bit of snooping.


He was 22 and drunk with a male friend, he decided to try and scare a female friend who was in the car behind and fell over and the car came and rolled over his head as the train is elevated off the ground about 5 inches and runs on a sinlge rail in the middle of the car.


My sympaties to the family of course but he shouldn't have been messing on the rides especially drunk.


That fair is bad news, a few years ago a girl was killed on the roller coaster there as she was too small to ride but was allowed and fell out of her restraint.

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