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Water Chute at SeaParadise

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I was wondering if someone knew whether the Water Chute ride at SeaParadise in Japan was still operating. It is the flume ride with the acrobat standing on top of your boat as seen in the TPR Japan tr.


I was reading that great tr in preparation for a trip to Japan and decided I had to go check it out. The SeaParadise English site mentions it on the introduction page and also has a picture of it on the access page, but not the access page you get by clicking access on the navigation at the bottom of the page. To get to the access page with the picture of the water chute you have to go to the introduction page and click on next at the bottom of the page. However, on the ticket page where it lists prices for each attraction it does not list the Water Chute. I tried the Japanese language page and just clicked around. I found a page that appears to list all the rides (the brown tab with what looks like a coaster car). If you roll over the buttons on the left they show a picture of the a ride and if you click on them you go to a page with what I presume is more information. The Water Chute is not listed. I tried translating the page in hopes of finding a maintenance schedule or something but that didn't go well. Even, in addition the pleasant vehicle is quantity, ill-smelling it is!


Anyone know anything about the Water Chute or is able to read Japanese? If it did close down, this is one case I would be glad if they were just cheap. I'd hate to imagine it closing due to an accident or something.


Japanese Site

English Site

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well i've checked out water chute's closure right now and i gotta

know that ride's already closed down 'round a year ago yeah

it real sucks for mine coz i ever rode that one time on a trip 'n

realized it was kinda fun. seein' person's jump on a boat got us

more excited 100%. jumpers woulda shed a tear when boat's

closin' forever yes i was then worryin' where they've gone.

oh that reminds me....yeah that was sorta huge slide once cedar

point did ever have a century ago as the world's first water slide

but acrobat act could be seen in only japan. water chute in us can't

even see that super trick-track thing i know.


hope this helps! oh sorry i can't see water chute's closure notice

on its site since it has expired and has updated to other stuffs.

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Yeah, looks like it might be a thing of the past. I clicked around on the AltaVista translated Japanese site some more and found what looks like a list of seasonal attractions. I was thinking maybe the Water Chute might be seasonal since it might be too windy or something, but it is not listed.


Hope there's a market out there for flume ride acrobats and the guys got new jobs.

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