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Hades - Mt. Olympus

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Ok, well I did a search, no actual Hades thread.


But with the latest photos, well, Ill lead up to that.



Gallery 1


Gallery 2




Gallery 3




For the Grand Finale...

Everyone, say it with me, O-M-G




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All I can say is - THIS RIDE BETTER BE GOOD!!!


Being that it's these guy's first full-scale project it's got to be a winner to impress potential customers. All the pics look AMAZING! Like this could be the first really AWESOME woodie since the opening years of Ghostrider, Rampage, Tonerre De Zeus, etc. IMO, there really hasn't been a "great" woodie in the US in quite a few years (Europe has gotten Colossos and Balder!)...I certainly hope this is it!



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I hope they are strobe lights because that would make an already insane section of track even more insane. It's probably just a neat idea that won't be implemented for some practical reasons others will notice even though I missed them. Either way, I'm begging for a trip to Wisconsin (That really sounds wrong.) for this one.


One other thing, this really reminds me of a scene from Dogma.


"They were sent to hell?"


"Worse, Wisconsin."

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Yeah, some of my summer park plans are probably going to be altered so I can make it to the Dells (I've also been itchin' to get on Avalanche). This ride looks unbelievable. It has so much potential. I second Robb's view. This might be the next great woodie.

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I hope to god I can find a way (and a reason, other than this) to get up to that end of the US sometime soon-ish. It's not the easiest place to incorporate into a trip, but I really want to ride this now. It's looking rather awesome right now.

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I have just recently been in the Dells going to the Kalahari Resort (which is awsome). On Saturday we were driving by and I saw Cyclops running with people on it! So we drove by and there were people around the ride, so we asked someone and they said that they were running tests! We got to ride Cyclops for free because i think the Op's had no idea what was going on, when we were on it we noticed people on the station of Hades(couldnt see anything else) so we rode Cyclops which had no airtime but it was early. Then we drove away out of the dells then we saw a train accend the lift and there was no turn around for ten miles and my parents didnt want to go back( I also had my new camera for some shots but my parents were already mad).

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