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TPR's Summer Party Photo TR CONTEST!!!!

Which TPR Summer Party Photo TR do you like the best?  

317 members have voted

  1. 1. Which TPR Summer Party Photo TR do you like the best?

    • Derek's Photo TR
    • Evan's Photo TR
    • Jimmy's Photo TR
    • Joe's Photo TR
    • Rich's Photo TR

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Hey everyone!


As part of the TPR Summer Party this past weekend we told everyone who attended that all of YOU forum members would get the chance to pick the BEST Photo TR from the event, and the winner would receive an AWESOME TPR "Bag o' Crap!"


So, without any further delay, here are the Photo TR's. Once you have viewed them all, vote for the one you like the best!


Derek's Photo TR (DerekRX)

Evan's Photo TR (What Now)

Jimmy's Photo TR (JimmyBo)

Joe's Photo TR (ParkTrips)

Rich's Photo TR (sfne2005)


I hope I've gotten everyone! (Note: I only included photo TRs in the contest if you've uploaded your photos to TPR)



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Well I was torn between Derek's, Rich's, And Joes...


So I made A Chart...


Derek-: Plenty Pics Of Me / Hoffman Girl


Rich-: Funny Stuff...the heads were awesome


Joe-: Pics Of Me / LOTS OF COASER PICS / More Coolness


So I voted Joe, Since this IS a Coaster Website and NOT A Child Pornography Website *Cough* DEREK *Cough*, Joe's seemed like the best option, a lot of photos, many coasters, great varity. Good Job Joe!



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Its sad knowing that you are ALL voting for Derek's because of the Hoffman Girl..but whats great is that I live down the street from her! In All Yalls Faces!




P.S. Sorry Bob....


Yeah but you live in Fresno, so whos really at a loss here?


Colin"Glad I moved out of Cali"C

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Well i have to go with Dereks, it was a good PTR


I'm not saying that te others were not good just that Dereks was better


I one day wish that i could go to the TPR party but Californa is just a wee bit far from chicago but there is a future right....

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