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SeaWorld San Antonio Discussion Thread

P. 28: Tidal Surge Screamin' Swing coming for 2022!

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Thanks for the report! Swinging out over the lake seems pretty awesome.

Two questions from someone who’s only ever ridden SkyHawk:

  1. Am I seeing correctly that there aren’t seatbelts?
  2. What are those things embedded in the ground under each arm?
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10 hours ago, TopThrill182 said:

Thanks for the report! Swinging out over the lake seems pretty awesome.

Two questions from someone who’s only ever ridden SkyHawk:

  1. Am I seeing correctly that there aren’t seatbelts?
  2. What are those things embedded in the ground under each arm?

The Seat Belt is on the end of the restraint. .it comes down and then clicks into the latch on the side.  Tho it does seem really to be more of an afterthought. . perhaps to make riders feel a little safer.

you can see it better in this pic from Saturday at the Passport to Thrills preview (I just pulled the restraint down for the picture, but not clicked in yet):



as to the things embedded in the ground?

those are the magnets that slide back and forth to engage on the arms and slow them down at the end of the ride - so it comes to a full stop very quickly.

by comparison, on one ride (just after the above pic, actually), the ride faulted out during the cycle (bad reading from an empty seat) and the magnets did not engage. .and we slowly swung back and forth a good 60 seconds before coming to a complete stop. . . everyone got off a little green. .LOL

But when it works properly, the magnets bring the arms to a stop pretty quickly.  and it's kind of cool to see the magnets slide back and forth as the arms approach.

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^Very cool about the magnets! I didn't know that.

This looks like a wonderful addition to the park. Screamin' Swings are fantastic flat rides (and high capacity) and I firmly believe they are an excellent addition to any park.

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  • 3 weeks later...

So yesterday, I went up to SeaWorld San Antonio to enjoy the 1st weekend of Seven Seas Food Festival.

had a really good time, although dealing with some Med interaction issues, that made me take it pretty slow when moving between Food Stands (resulting in one loop around the lagoon taking ~5 hours to stop at each stand), and tho it was a GORGEOUS day, the ride I did the most was "Bench"

Here's how the day went. . and please keep in mind that I didn't try anything from Hawaii, Japan, Italy, or Greece (yet. . was just too full!  So those will get tried, along with my favorites from Saturday, when I'm back in 2 weeks to help celebrate Great White's Birthday).

let's take a look at the Seven Seas Food Festival at SeaWorld San Antonio!

Lovely drive from Austin to San Antonio today. . . SW is a bit further than SFFT for me, so it takes ~1:40 to get there from my house.
but I arrived just before opening to a bit of a back up at the parking gates, and a LOT of cars in the lot already.    Luckily, because my Season Pass has a hard time reading, the gentleman at the parking booth apologized for the extended wait, and gave me an Up Close Parking pass.    I'll take it, even tho a day at SWSA involves a lot of walking anyways - it's a big park!


hmmm. . . doesn't look too busy just before opening.


oh. . .  on the OTHER side of the main arch.

yeah. . .   Luckily it turned out the vast majority of these folks were either heading to Aquatica, or were going into the SW side for some sort of cheer competition that was taking place at one of the large auditoriums.

so it meant that we had lovely weather, and really short lines for both the food, and the rides (tho as noted, I skipped pretty much all rides due to concern about my BP being low)


Once the main gates opened, the lines moved fast tho, and before long was at the main Welcome booth - where i decided to wait in the short line to pick up my Seven Seas Food Festival Badge - which would have been WAY quicker, if both registers were only selling that.  However, the registers also were selling meal plan. .and almost everyone in front of me were large groups buying meal plan for the day, and unlimited Drink Cups.    So . . yeah, that took a while.  

On the website it notes you can pick up your prebought Seven Seas badge at any booth. . but I only saw one other booth (Korea) that actually had them available, so I was glad I waited here to pick mine up.
To be fair, it's the 1st weekend. . I'm sure as it progresses, more booths will have the lanyards/badges available for pickup.

one thing I noticed as well. . many folks were paying cash for the daily meal plan.   So SWSA is still a cash *and* credit park.


once i had my lanyard/punch badge, I headed to Mexico. . where I was meeting up with several folks from the "local" / Texas Based: Thrill Seekers United Group.

and my Friend Amy, who had helped organize the casual meet up to tour the world of food, wanted to start at Mexico (I suspect for the Margaritas :p)

Unfortunately for me, alcohol is a no-no for me at he moment.  But everyone that tried the drinks said they were excellent at every booth.


here's the offerings at Mexico:


these are the Baja Grilled Shrimp Street Tacos.

the shrimp were great, as was the tortilla, but I found the red cabbage way too dry. . I think the fix for that would be to either add more of that Aioli, or toss it in a vinaigrette - or a quick pickle - would have made it better, I think.  But it was good.


the top are the Chicken Tacos (which I was told were good) and below are the Sopapillas - which I tried one of and were really great.  Just sweet enough with the brown sugar & honey, and pillowy soft.


this is the Deep Fried Elote - which I was told I must try when I go back (so I will). . it looks great.

and below is the Braised Beef taco, which got the comment to "pick off the jalepeno, as they are super spicy"


While waiting for some to get Margaritas (with edible flavored straws!), I peeked over a construction fence.  

what in the world is THIS??  . . .hmmm. . . . we discussed among ourselves, and we think we know exactly what this foundation is for.  . but wont' say in public, as we wouldn't want to ruin the park's big 2023 announcement! :)


then it was onward to France!


this is the Chocolate Cherries & Cream on the left, and the Caramel Apple on the right.

I'm not an apple fan, but was told it was good.   The Chocolate Cherry is excellent, but a little bit too sweet for my tastes (tho others with us loved it)


the winner of the day for me:  the savory Turkey, Mushroom, Spinach and Swiss Crepe.

this thing was AMAZING. . .I could have had several more of them.   Favorite thing I tasted today, and highly recommended.


oh looks. . some of the Countries have entertainment, and some of them have Photo Ops set up.

how fun. . I'm in a Seurat painting!  (A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte)

Seurat, knew a lot, about dots


While sitting eating the crepes, we got a lovely view of Steel Eel & Wave Breaker across the lagoon. . look at that Lovely Weather!   It got a little warm, but beautiful.

(tho by now I was really feeling "off" and knew I wasn't going to be riding anything "extreme" today)




Sad that Tidal Surge had very little line, but no way could I chance a ride on it.

So I focused on the food, and visiting with friends - which were the main reasons I had come today anyways.


onwards to Germany!


this is the Beer Braised Bratwurst with Caramelized onions.

the Bratwurst itself was very good.  The onions simply didnt' have enough to counteract the amount of mustard on this thing, and therefore couldn't really taste them.
but the real sad part was the pretzel bun just was not good. . it tasted a bit stale.  


Top is the Braised Beef Spaetzle, and bottom is the Beer Cheese (without the Onions)
the folks who got this said it was "ok" but it doesn't look like a "must try" to me, which is a shame.


and this is the Apple Strudel - which I was told was fantastic, and the best offering on the Germany menu (didn't try, as I don't like apples).


It's a shame the food isn't as great as I expected, because the German Beirgarten area is fantastic, and was among my favorite "areas" for the festival.

Great photo ops :)




we made our way over to Greece next.

i was so full. . I knew what I wanted to try here, but my stomach insisted I take a break..LOL 
So Lamb slider for SURE on my next visit.




the Baklava looked SO good.


as did that Lamb Slider!  and it smelled absolutely wonderful.
(the drink behind it is the Sparking St. Tropez cocktail. .that everyone who tried it raved about.


Here's the Gyro (also on my to try list. . as was the Shawarma, which no one in our group tried yesterday.. so basically, next time in the park?   Greece gets a lot of my punches!)


the "entertainment" over here is the living statue. . she was wonderful!


and repositioned herself for pictures. .  . I love this stuff.


I was a bit worn out here, so I rode some Bench: the Ride, while folks went back to Italy (tucked back by Tidal Surge) to sample some deserts (they also offer Flatbreads)

so I don't have a picture of that menu, but will get it next time.  I really wanted to try the Caramel Chocolate Chip Cannoli, but i was simply too full.. so again, next time!

This is the Tiramisu Gelato (told it was very good)


and the Frozen Peach Bellini coctail


here I am enjoying "bench" and you can kinda see Italy behind me :)


some in the group I was hanging with wanted to go on some rides, since the lines were really light today. . so I found another bench and enjoyed the surroundings.






Texas Stingray was a walk on?  on a Saturday?  

and stupid blood pressure.. . I was afraid to ride.









most of the group split off with the kiddos to go to the Splash Pad area in Sesame Street. . so I went with Juan and Erika to head to the next booth around the lagoon:  Jamaica:


Juan got the Curried Chicken Street Patty, and said it wasn't too impressive.


I got the Spicy Beef Street Patty, and the Rum Raisin Ice cream.


the filling in the spicy beef is incredible. . flavorful and SO good. . but it's severely let down by the bland (and cakey) dough around it.   If this had some kind of sauce drizzled over it, I think this would be greatly improved.      But as it is, I'd recommend it for the insides only, but otherwise skip.

NOT to be missed, however?   The Rum Raisin Ice Cream.

SO, SO good.


The photo op at Jamaica is adorable!

I only wish I had a cocktail in my hand instead of Powerade.


tho I couldn't do any intense rides, Juan, Erika and I decided to ride Rio Loco. . . 

I always bring along plastic bags for important stuff to go into on Water rides. . and I put my phone/keys/wallet in that. . but Juan wanted to get a locker.

the timing was iffy, as the ride was a walk on. . until a Show let out, and EVERYONE headed here. . luckily Juan got back after only 30 or so folks caused a 5-10 minute wait.


Turned out it was worth the effort for him (and Erika's phone too) as the Waterfalls on Rio Loco were on.

freezing cold water, dumped directly onto most of the raft - tho I lucked out and only got "moist"   

For them tho?  it was like being directly under a full blast shower. . . so here's the "after" pic 😛



To help dry off, we strolled over to Korea to check out the Menu there.


the Galbi sounds really good, and is on my list to try. . but the *must get* here is the Black Sesame Ice Cream

it's very "peanut butter-y" tasting, with a really pleasant after-taste of nuttiness from the sesame.    Recommended.


This booth too, has a lovely background for photos.


we were SO full. . . but multiple things offered at Japan really had my interest, and I was gonna get something and force it down.

in particular, the Tuna Tataki (that's in the pic at the top of the menu) really sounds amazing.   And those we saw carrying it?  it looks as good as it does in the picture.

I'm also a sucker for Gyoza. . .


but yeah. . the Japan booth had the longest lines of any we saw all day (it was probably a 15 - 20 minute wait) and as we weren't super hungry anyways?  the wait convinced us to keep moving along.

Japan is across from Penguin Encounter, and they have some very nice decorations up here.


Unfortunately we just missed the Taiko Drummers.. so they are on my list to see next time as well.
(we would have hung around and waited, but it was getting close to 4pm by now, and SFFT was calling. .and we still had 2 more booths to stop at!)


They even have a Cherry Blossom photo op set up in Japan.  



this one is so odd. . . as the rest are all Countries. . but "Hawaii" gets their own Food Stop.  
Still.. can't argue with the food choices available as pretty much all of it sounded amazing.

and I absolutely LOVE that for an extra $5, you can get your cocktail in a Pineapple!


Here's the Salmon Poke Bowl, and the Tuna Poke Bowls (from a nice guy who called me "Bro", as in "Sure thing Bro!" when I asked if I could take a picture of his order). . . somewhat appropriate for Hawaii I thought. LOL


And the others got the Pina Colada Sorbet. . . which I tried, and must say, it was really impressive.   Tart and coconut-y.


the Hawaii stop has Totem Poles, lots of thatching. .


and, of course, Surfboards.



as we waddled towards the last booth (actually first booth, we did it backwards by starting at the Mexico booth which is last on the map). . we knew that some of us just had to try the Empanadas.


LOL. . Brazil is a food truck. .. but it WORKS!  it fits in the area so well.. so Kudos to SWSA for that choice here.


This is the Frozen Blackberry Acai and it was also a strong winner. . . tart, and not too sweet, with just the right amount of sour "punch" from the berries.

a wonderful palate cleanser. .


and I got the Spicy Beef Empanada with Chimichurri sauce


flakey, with a wonderful filling. . .it blew the similar presented (but different tasting) street version from Jamaica.

SO good, and the Chimichurri was just the perfect amount of spicy/sweet to make a perfect bite every time.    I'm eager to try the Chicken & Spinach versions.


the Brazil area (where the children's hay maze was for Howl O Scream) is perfectly decorated, with the shady trees wrapped in traditional colors


a very "Carnivale!" photo op. .


and a show! - that I didn't notice any signage for, but while sitting and eating, they just came out and started performing.

Now, were they up to EPCOT level of traditional Brazilian performance?   Not necessarily. .but they crooned a good 4-5 songs (including "Girl from Ipanema" and  interacted with the guests in the area. . including starting up a dance party for the final song.



even coming to join us at our table while singing :)



all in all, it was a fantastic day, even tho I hadn't been feeling 100% (tho the food and hydration helped, and I remained perky for much of it).

Highly recommended to check out if you're in San Antonio. . .  you'll want to try so many things!

in summary:

by FAR my favorite 3 of what I tried today (and keep in mind, I didn't try anything from Hawaii, Japan, Italy, or Greece (yet. . was just too full!):

1) Savory Turkey, Mushroom, Spinach & Swiss Crepe in France

2) the Beef Empanada from Brazil

3) the Rum Raisin Ice Cream from Jamaica

. . .but also good and I'll try again:

the Black Sesame Ice Cream from Korea, the Aciai Berry Sorbet at Brazil, the Pina Colada Sorbet from Hawaii, & the Soppapillas in Mexico.

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Hey all! I am planning a trip with my sister to San Antonio and we will be going to Seaworld San Antonio on Friday April 1. 

I was going ahead and buying tickets, parking, and seven seas badge but I was curious if it’s necessary to buy quick que unlimited for this day.

We plan to arrive after opening a few hours to avoid the rush into the park. With that said…I was curious if any of you veterans of this park have any insight as to what lines are like on a Friday in early April. Looks like the weather will be nice. 

Any and all suggestions are welcomed! 

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9 minutes ago, chschris1 said:

Hey all! I am planning a trip with my sister to San Antonio and we will be going to Seaworld San Antonio on Friday April 1. 

I was going ahead and buying tickets, parking, and seven seas badge but I was curious if it’s necessary to buy quick que unlimited for this day.

We plan to arrive after opening a few hours to avoid the rush into the park. With that said…I was curious if any of you veterans of this park have any insight as to what lines are like on a Friday in early April. Looks like the weather will be nice. 

Any and all suggestions are welcomed! 

Wait to take a look at crowd levels at the actual rides before deciding on Quick Queue - you can always purchase in park if you need it.
the only two major rides you'll most likely need QQ for are Wave Breaker (it's a family launch coaster, and as really the only "family coaster" it will get really long lines. . . and Rio Loco whitewater raft ride (especially if it's a hot day).    But if you time hitting those rides for when there are major shows going on (the Beluga show, or the Orca show), the lines really die down then.

but you might need QQ for those two in particular if you really wanna ride them (Rio Loco *will* soak you.. so either bring a large plastic bag to put your phone/keys/wallet in? or pay for a locker (across from the Entrance).

I would be there AT open.. don't wait a few hours. . as the majority of people that go into the park at open?  will be there for Aquatica - ESPECIALLY if it's a warmer day.  
AND, if the lines to get in are too long and you don't want to wait?  The Discovery Cove area is to the left of Aquatica (across from the main SeaWorld gates) - and that area opens earlier than the park, so you can go there and see the Dolphins and the large Shark exhibits while waiting for the entrance to the actual park itself to open.

SWSA doesn't have all that many rides:  4 coasters (5 if you count the kiddie in Sesame Street land), 3 flats (which are all near each other), and 2 water rides (Rio Loco and Journey to Atlantis - which is basically a Chute the Shoots, but has a fun short "backwards" section).     The Sesame Street area has a few more rides, but most all are kiddie (tho I always ride the Carousel there).

it's a BIG park, with a lot of space, so expect to do a lot of walking.    

most of the food for Seven Seas is good to great. . see my review above :)



oh. .and Parking has gotten CRAZY (it's $30 a car now at SeaWorld. . $40 for Up close).  so I highly recommend that while you're at the park you upgrade to a Season Pass if you are planning to come back during the next year (SWSA is a year round park).   It's only ~$20 to upgrade to a Standard Season Pass on the day of your visit from your day ticket (there's a booth just inside the main gate that can help out there). .just make sure your pass INCLUDES parking (most of them do).

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seems strange that one of the stops is the gulf of mexico which is literally right there...im sure you can get better more authentic mexican food literally anywhere in SanAntonio. That's not a comment on Sea World but a compliment on the top tier nature of Texan Mexican food. 

Seems like a strange choice and doesn't really feel 'exotic'. 


Don't get me wrong I came here just to look at the offerings bc I love when they do this. My family and myself have all enjoyed Busch Gardens and SWO's food festivals. 


Now that I think about it... 


Sea World should double down and make these food festivals year round with different themes alternating maybe 4 times a year. 

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Great review!

This has me excited for our visit this Friday/Saturday (SFFT on Sunday). We fly in Friday morning and plan to go to the park in the evening after some other stops, but Saturday will be there all day. Look forward to trying out some of these foods, they look great!


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  • 2 weeks later...

So this past Sunday, I made it back to SeaWorld San Antonio to help celebrate the 25th Birthday of the Great White roller coaster - and to try out the Seven Seas Food Festival booths I missed out on the last time.

Ray Gonzales (who's a member right here on the TPR forums, in addition to being one of the Marketing Guys for SWSA), Chuck and all the SW folks did a *fantastic* job, turning this into an event by inviting anyone with ACE or Thrill Seekers United (a Texas based group on FB) to sign up for the "party" and it included early entry into the park with ERT on both Tidal Surge and Texas Stingray for an hour before heading up to Great White for the Birthday Party as well as some ERT for 30 minutes as the park opened to the General Public.

here I am with some friends from TSU & ACE arriving at SeaWorld and sending a pic home to my Spouse to let him know I arrived.
to explain the pic - the day before I had sent home a picture of myself on the Carousel at SFFT, and had caught my friend Paige on the horse next to me in the pic.

my Spouse replied almost immediately, "LOL that woman next to you looks like she's having an orgasm"

of course, I showed the text to Paige, and to several friends and we laughed hysterically at it.
(hey, give him a break, he's an older gay man - he has no idea what a woman's orgasm looks like!).

So when I sent home the below pic, of COURSE the text said:  "Just here at SWSA having Orgasms"

(ain't I a stinker ?  :P)


Soon enough we were in the gates, and being walked back to Tidal Surge & Texas Stingray for morning ERT.

ooo. . Tidal Surge now has a *gorgeous* sign up out front.      


and it's running brilliantly.   I highly recommend the seats facing outwards towards the lagoon for your 1st ride.

after a couple of rides, I made my way over to Texas Stingray - stopping to admire the Turtles 1st.



TSU members "the Quirky Coaster Couple" had made Birthday Hats fro Great White, and several of us wore them.

here's Erica, Ray G. and Myself, in our party hats, after a ride on Texas Stingray.



after ERT was done, we headed over to Great White as a group, and Ray gave a short speech about the Birthday.

I did not know that Great White was the FIRST Rollercoaster ever built at a SeaWorld park!   So not only was it 25 years old on Sunday, but it's the Granddaddy of all the SW coasters!


Unlike a regular Birthday party, the attendees got gifts today!  cookies, and a nice "Tidal Surge" shoulder bag!


and they announced the 1/2 hour ERT on the coaster for those attending. . . so that was a lovely surprise!


the front entrance of this coaster is so impressive.

here's Ray G posing with some of the party attendees.


once our morning Birthday Party was over, attendees all split up and headed into the park.    We headed over to Wave Breaker to grab a walk on ride (before the crowds made it back to this side of the park), while Amy from TSU killed time waiting until the Seven Seas Food Festival started selling alcohol :p   (since it's Texas on Sunday).

here's Me, Erika, Juan, and Amy


and then it hit the "magic" hour of 11:30 am, and the Seven Seas Food Booths started serving. . . and so with my 12 remaining punches, we started off to hit the booths I had missed the other week.

1st up?  Japan:


the Tuna Tataki not only looked very similar to the picture advertising it?  but was really fantastic!
Absolutely a must get, at the festival.


the Gyoza were crisp, with a refreshingly tangy Ginger dipping sauce.
either they were out of the slaw, or the just got made incorrectly, but everyone at our table who got the Gyoza got the little salad, instead of the advertised slaw.

while they weren't the "best Gyoza I've ever had" (those would be in Japan), they were very good.


these are the sticky ribs a friend got, and tho she said the meat was tender, they didn't have a whole lot of flavor.   So not a bad choice at the Japan booth, but I think there are better options.


the Green Tea Ice Cream, with Pocky sticks, was really good too.    So another suggestion to try here.


This time, we had timed it well and got to watch the Taiko Drummers.  

what a fun, and entertaining, performance.



after finishing up at Japan, we headed towards Greece & Italy. . stopping along the way for a photo op I hadn't noticed the other day:


hey, what can I say. . mentally, I've a 14 year old !



and can't pass up a chance to "pose with/ touch the balls" at Korea either!


and then we were at Greece, and my tummy was screaming "feed me!!!"


the Gyro (without the tomato at my request) - had a fantastic Tzatziki sauce, and some super tender and flavorful lamb and beef. . . with the only letdown being a very gummy and undercooked pita (which I left, but ate all the rest of it)


the Lamb Slider is the home run at this booth!   Incredibly flavorful with just the perfect amount of spice in the Feta spread.  And a super soft roll.

Amazing, and highly recommended.


the Shawarma looked really good, but any part of it that didn't have that fantastic sauce on it ate very dry, unfortunately.
It's good, but I'd suggest asking for more of the sauce, as that's what makes this eat much better.

but pleasantly the Naan bread was fantastic on this, and I loved every bite of that.


the Greek Yogurt Ice Cream is interesting.

the flavor is a very pleasant Honey. . but the consistency is a little odd - it was kinda like eating taffy?    But I liked it.


Right next door to Greece is Italy.

the Flatbreads here are very popular, and because they make them fresh?  the line is very slow moving.  Even a short line can take up to 25 minutes. .and the kids / teenagers all seemed to flock to this booth.   Just a warning, this might have the longest line at the Festival.


this is the Chicken Margherita flatbread with a Blood Peach Bellini on the left & and Frozen Espresso Martini on the right.

was told the Flatbread was delicious, and between the two drinks?  everyone preferred the Bellini, but said the Expresso was ok.



this is the Chocolate Chip Cannoli. . . which had *just* the right amount of tartness, and exactly as much sweetness as I wanted.

this one might be my favorite "desert" I tried. .or perhaps 2nd to the incredible Rum Raisin Ice Cream at Jamaica or the Black Sesame Ice Cream in Korea - tho folks also raved about the Apple Strudel in Germany & the Pina Colada Ice cream in Hawaii)


ooo.. another photo op back here?  with Tidal Surge in the background?

yes please!



We then headed over to Mexico so some of my friends could try out the Margarita there. . . and planned to loop back around to go see the Penguins (a must do!).

but we passed Ray Gonzales walking around the park with some of the ACE group (that had helped organize the ERT earlier), and we thanked him/them for such a great day!

they asked if we had ridden all the coasters (and we actually had, other than Steel Eel - which I was gonna pass on today, as my back was a bit sore from so much riding yesterday at SFFT, and I didn't want the airtime drops to mess it up). .and he was surprised that we hadn't ridden Grover's Soapbox coaster.

now. . I don't do Kiddie coasters.  Like ever - tho I did ride Wilderness Run one year at Coastermania, strictly because it's the 1st Intamin.  

But Ray insisted I should give it a ride, because SWSA is one of the few parks where they don't discourage adults from riding it (and to be fair, there are a few rides in Sesame Street Bay of Play that are perfectly suitable for adults too).    So I agreed - at his perseverance - to at least give it a look.

Once i saw this car was available tho?  yeah..I gave in and credit whored for the kiddie coaster!   LOL



^as to those restraints?  OH MY !!!  and I thought "the green meanie" over on Tidal Surge made it so one had to be really careful getting into the seats! 



we also rode the Carousel while over here - but after all that food?  yeah, the seatbelt wouldn't click for me today!  HA!. . so I stood up to ride the carousel today 😛

Juan & Erica wanted to ride this "spin and puke" ride. . I rode "bench" while they rode this - again, this is in the Sesame Street Area!


but just look at that face on the young lady behind them! 

BWAAAA-HAAAA-HAAAAAA (and the best part is how oblivious to her Juan & Erika are to her!)



and because I like being proven correct?  

Juan got off this feeling a bit nauseous  -  but at least we got him on Tidal Surge once he'd had some liquid courage.  He REALLY didnt' want to do it, and I thought he'd leave the line a couple of times while we waited for the prior cycle to finish.
but he rode it and loved it!

as we were headed to Brazil to finish off the day with 4 clicks - I had a tupperware in my bag, so I could take Empanadas home (!). . we saw that Big Bird and Tally Monster were out!

you bet I got in line for that . . . tho Big Bird was acting very strange, doing an odd "stare" thing at me. . so yeah, a bit awkward in the pics, but makes me love them even more!








and then it was just after 4pm, and it had been a very long weekend (and a great day at SWSA). . so I packed up my Empanadas, and hit the road.

Seven Seas is a GREAT food festival, and well worth a visit to SWSA just for that. . . but so is Tidal Surge, Texas Stingray, Great White, and Penguins! more reasons to visit the park.

And yes, the Empanadas were fantastic for lunch on Monday with an incredible chimichurri sauce!


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  • 1 month later...

So, my son and I made our first ever trip to this park yesterday, and we had a great time! It was hot as hades, and especially for us Northerners, so we cut out early, at 5:00, but we still got to do everything we wanted to, multiple times!

We started the day off with a front row ride, first train of the day, on Steel Eel. We enjoyed the ride, especially the first half, as the air time was great. However, we found the airtime a bit lackluster on the return trip to the station, which was surprising. That was soon changed, however, as our second ride, in the back row, blew us out of our seats (literally), and committed acts of violence against us on that return trip! What a difference the back row was, from the front, in intensity! Feeling thrilled, but a little bit like abused lovers, we moved on, returning at the end of our day for our last ride of the day in the 3rd row from the back for a similar ride. Steel Eel is a smallish "hyper", but man, it definitely packs a punch!

Next up we rode Wave Breaker: Rescue Coaster, and the best way I can describe it is "fun!" Not super intense, and not the best coaster at the park, but definitely fun, and very re-rideable! We ended up getting 5 rides on it throughout the day, both front row, back row, and a few other locations, and it was always an enjoyable experience wherever we sat.

Great White came next, and it was what it was. A Batman clone with a better paint job, and a one and done for us. Definitely not a bad coaster, but the Batman clones are near the bottom of my favorite Inverts, and this ended up being the least favorite of our coasters at the park.

Here's where we rode what ended up being the highlight of the day: Texas Stingray! it blew us both away with how great it was! It immediately became our 2nd favorite GCI coaster, and with enough re-rides, could overtake Mystic Timbers, though that'd be a tough task. It was relentless in its speed, and intensity, peppered with pops of airtime throughout its duration! An amazing, awesome wooden coaster experience, and a fantastic addition to the park, clearly! We rode in the front multiple times, in the back multiple times, and a few other places as well, en route to 7 rides on this masterpiece! Well done GCI and SWSA, well done!

In addition to the coasters, we enjoyed a couple rides on Sea Swinger, and Rip Tide, which was fantastic! We rode both times facing the water as we swung, which added to the experience greatly over Thunderhawk. I love Screamin' Swings to begin with, and this one takes the cake as my favorite so far!

We also took in the Orca Experience show, which is always a must-do for me whenever I go to a Sea World park. It was great, as usual!

I don't know if every day is like this, but we had almost no waits the entire day. We pretty much walked up and were next in line on EVERY SINGLE RIDE we had! The one time it wasn't like that, at Texas Stingray, after the Orca Experience let out nearby, we used our free Quick Queue passes that we had from our Platinum Passes, and we made it like that again. When we re-rode after that ride, it was walk on again! So that was an awesome element of the day as well!

As for the food and drink experience, we had great food everywhere we went, with brisket from the Smokehouse Grill, and Pretzel Wrapped Sausage on a Stick from the Pretzel Kitchen! I must also speak highly of the Chill Out Bar, as it provided a great, cool environment, with a chill vibe, and yummy adult beverages, as well as a live DJ, to take a break from the blistering heat for a bit.

All in all, it was a great day at this new to us park, and another great SEAS park, from what is arguably my favorite Amusement Park chain! I know a lot of people give them crap, and sure, they've had a bit of drama in recent years. But I love what SEAS is doing with their parks, and I ALWAYS have a great time when I visit one of them!

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did you get your free beer?

they announced that it was back starting yesterday that Passholders get a free beer every visit!


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This might be a Bert question but open to all Platinum Members. How do I get a ticket for my niece for Busch Gardens Williamsburg and apply my Platinum Discount? The SWSA site does not seem to have that option and when I go the the BGW website I went all the way to checkout and don't see where I enter my platinum credentials.  I was trying to see if this would save me money vs using the 4th of July special.  I'm bummed I can't use a bring a guest free since it's not my homepark. (which I didn't see when I bought the thing). Or if anyone knows the discounted ticket amount for July 27 or 28 that would help. Oh and Happy 4th of July folks!

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