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SeaWorld San Antonio Discussion Thread

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Actually as of operating Nitro if you think the ride times are long figure this.


30-45 seconds of load unload time is accounted in say Nitro's nearly 3 minute long experience in our hand book.


1 minute or less for the lift.

1 minute some odd seconds for the ride experience itself and from the brakes in is part of the ride time.


Its rediculous.



Is there a concept art for this ride yet?

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I agree the newer version doesn't look as well detailed as the Florida version but the layout/unique elements were definately there.


I for one, would rather see a Supersplash in the US than a clone of the Orlando ride. Embrace the idea of original rides with identical names!

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Anyone else slightly disappointed?


It just seems like every time we get a new Journey it's 'dumbed down' a bit more!


SWO - Majorly themed Dark Ride Sections, Big Log Flume Drop, Big Coaster Drop


SWSD - No Dark Ride at all, Same Log Flume Drop, 2 Coaster Drops


SWSA - Splash down boat.



Yes, I liked Supersplash at Europa Park, but it's nothing more than a splashdown boat.

Even though the dark ride effects were cool, I just was not feeling the story. IT was a little to "fairy like" And the coaster part itself was not very good. For whats its worth, I'd take the SWSD coaster over the SWO one anyday. Though I'm probably very much in the minority on that one.

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When I saw the concept art to Journey to Atlantis I thought "It's not much of a trip." I've ridden the other two and I liked the original because of the theming involved in it. The one in san diego was fine but it didn't have the same feel to it as the Florida version. Sure it had different elements but i felt the ride could be longer if you're going to scrimp on story. I think the florida version will get you wetter; maybe it's because it's warmer down here and getting soaked in San Diego and then the temp dropping at night would not be a good feeling.


They probably should have named this ride something else and it would have been better.

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I know there have been some comments about the decline of the theme between the versions of JTA, and when I first saw the renderings for the San Antonio ride, I was a bit disappointed. After thinking about it some more, I think I almost like the new design better than the San Diego version. After all of the work they put in the Florida version, the San Diego version looks like a bunch of painted grain silos with some coaster track. I think the are trying a different approach here because the San Diego version wasn't as successful as the designers had hoped. Instead of paying to theme up, hopefully the rest of the surrounding area will get some nice theming.

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yeah i also thought Atlantis was kinda great chute when i saw that

pov since lotsa effects gotta make us more scream plus good thin'

that's got huge twisted drops! for even thrill seekers i guess that's

worth ridin' on! or guys wanna get soaked over 'em should give it

a shot and make 'em happy! weeee..... just scream out loud at fall!

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looks like the ride is going to mimic some parts of Kraken and the

color is really freaking same to SW Floorless!


Wow, you are right, i really love Kraken's splash down.



This looks sort of boring. Definately seems like the worst of the bunch.

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