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SeaWorld San Antonio Discussion Thread

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I really like the direction they are going with this park. I always felt it was the step child of the group but finally there adding new attractions. They have so much land to develop as well.

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I am very glad that Sea World San Antonio is getting a new coaster & i am very impressed of it's type that it would make an fine selection of coasters in the park, also in the yellow spaces, there seems to be enough room for a Gertslaurer Eurofighter, & a GCI Wooden (just in my opinion!).

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I really like the direction they are going with this park. I always felt it was the step child of the group but finally there adding new attractions. They have so much land to develop as well.


That's a pretty large spot. Large enough for a hotel/parking garage and a massive aquatica expansion. They could also not do aquatica but move the employee parking or temporary buildings to the aquatica spot as well if needed and add an attraction down there. It will be interesting. I'd love to have a sea world hotel in San Antonio, but I doubt we see that ever happen. So we're likely to see an aquatica expansion and large expansion with multiple attractions. That'd be great.


Note: aquatica is amazing in San Antonio. Between the sting ray tube ride and lazy river aviary- they have some incredibly unique attractions that team with animal encounters. That should be their nitch.

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The news is interesting when overlayed on these rumors:



The following image is misleading as the blue area to the north of the entrance but west of the area labeled "Aquatica" is actually the forthcoming "Discovery Point". It's far too small of an area to be considered a third gate (as rumored at the above link), plus there aren't any major draws in that area, so I would expect the northern yellow area marked below to be for the new attractions. This would be either more interactive experience or a major new ride:


The southern yellow area is where I'd expect to see a resort. However, the southern yellow area is a bit misleading as there's a LOT of available expansion area within the blue shaded area, too. There really aren't many large attractions on the south side of the lake. In other words, there's tons of room for attractions there, too, even if a large resort is built.


Right now, there's a lot of construction to the right of the current entrance (south, on the map) which the above article says will become a new entrance. I don't know what's going there, but I do know the land has been leveled and is very flat.

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I really like the direction they are going with this park. I always felt it was the step child of the group but finally there adding new attractions. They have so much land to develop as well.


Yeah, that map doesn't really point out the fact so much of the land within the existing parks can be reworked


I hope thy take cues from the parks like Phantasialand and the resorts have direct access to the parks

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Hey all, I'll be visiting SWSA around Christmas time, anyone know the crowd levels? Will I need a Quick Queue? Thanks in advance.


Well for some most people that don't like doing fun stuff in winter, I think the lines would be a little shorter, but I rather not Ride Rides during Christmas anyway for some other reason!

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SeaWorld Killer Whale Dies at San Antonio Park Following Illness


An 18-year-old killer whale has died after a months-long illness at the SeaWorld park in San Antonio.


A Sea World sign is seen in this file photo taken from the marine park's Facebook page.

A Sea World sign is seen in this file photo taken from the marine park’s Facebook page.

Unna, a 4,600-pound orca, died Monday.


“We are saddened to share the passing of Unna,” SeaWorld said. “Unna had been under the constant care of the SeaWorld veterinary team and outside experts for the past several months.”


She suffered from a resistant strain of a fungus called Candida.


A necropsy will be performed to determine the cause of her death.


SeaWorld said it canceled all killer whale shows at the San Antonio park for the day.


A sea of troubles


SeaWorld’s reputation was badly damaged in part by “Blackfish,” a 2013 documentary co-produced by CNNFilms.


“Blackfish” begins by showing the unseemly practice of capturing orca babies in the 1970s and casts SeaWorld in a harsh light for raising the whales in dark and cramped conditions.


The film blames SeaWorld for causing one killer whale, Tilikum, to become a psychotic killer. Tilikum has sired 21 calves, but killed three people, including the SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau.


The film generated criticism from lawmakers and advocacy groups like PETA.


Attendance at SeaWorld’s theme parks has waned, and its San Diego park has been particularly troublesome. There is also a park in Orlando.


An earnings update last month left investors worried about the company’s outlook.


SeaWorld said the attendance dip was due to “brand challenges and is being addressed through the company’s reputation campaign, which is designed to share facts and correct misinformation.”


To help its boost the company’s image, SeaWorld CEO Joel Manby said the company will “aggressively communicate” its animal care and rescue efforts.


SeaWorld is also planning new attractions and changes to its pricing.

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This is sad to hear. I know how much Sea World Vets and trainers care for their animals and I can only imagine how devastating this must be to them as well.


Cue PETA a$$hats in 3......2......1......

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I can't even go there...as soon as I saw the headline and read the article, I KNEW that I wasn't about to scroll down to read some of the troll comments at the bottom.


This combined with the stall on the Sky Tower yesterday and CNN has to be licking their lips over these recent events. Hell, it wouldn't surprise me at all if they were the first national TV cast with boots on the ground at both events....followed closely by PETA right after the Orca death.

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Iloveseaworld.com Just posted this image of Discovery Point.


You can see that the image and this overhead view from Nearmaps below, are very similar. However it does not show the sectioned portions of this expansion.



I think this whole thing is very interesting. At this point, I'd be happy if SeaWorld San Antonio just completely moved the Shark Encounter onto the other side of the park and made this part of the park a Discovery Cove. There is definitely the room to do so.

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It makes a lot of sense to do so. It gives them more room to play with and fills out empty parts of the park. I have never been here but I heard the park has empty spots, barely any theming and has a generic look... is it true?

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It makes a lot of sense to do so. It gives them more room to play with and fills out empty parts of the park. I have never been here but I heard the park has empty spots, barely any theming and has a generic look... is it true?

It is very true, the entire park lacks themeing. It's a shame that it's gotten that way over the years, but hopefully they can put it some money and really refresh it.

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I was at SeaWorld San Antonio yesterday (Sunday) during an overcast and, at times, drizzly day- not ideal weather. The place was packed. Not only that, but the crowd was more into the killer whale show than I think I've ever heard before, with loud cheers every time a whale surfaced. I've been going to this park for years, and this felt highly abnormal for a gloomy day in April. The park was a ghost town this time last year.


SeaWorld was offering the bring-a-friend-free promotion for passholders yesterday as with the rest of the month. That could explain some of the crowds and enthusiasm.


I did not encounter abnormally long lines for the Seven Seas Food Festival booths especially considering the crowds elsewhere, but I'm not sure if that was down to efficiency or low demand. For those interested, Spain is a new booth for this year. Italy now serves a meatball. Most menus were carryover from last year from what I could tell, but that's no bad thing. My wife and I love this event.


Anyway, back to my point: if these crowds and this enthusiasm is the new normal, then SeaWorld's financial woes are over. Maybe it's time to buy some shares of SEAS?

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Anyway, back to my point: if these crowds and this enthusiasm is the new normal, then SeaWorld's financial woes are over. Maybe it's time to buy some shares of SEAS?


Anecdotally makes for a great story. Their share price jumped like 20% after they announced the abstinence vow for Shamu, and last I saw it was trading around its 52 week high.


Their earnings call will be in about a month and should give a better picture if what you saw was a one off or if the public is starting to "forgive". Keep in mind that 2015 was maybe one of the worst years in the company's history, and all of the parks will benefit from an early Easter when comparing 16 to 15. Guess what I am saying is the bar is set low, but eventually they will have to jump it, right?

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The reason the park lacks theming is because it's not a theme park.


I think the word is continuity. For example SWO had different zones that are themed to different exhibits in that area. This usually includes a ride and decor theming in that area. SWSA really feels like a juxtopisation of ideas without any real long term planning.

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This past Friday TPR was invited to preview Seaworld San Antonio's new Discovery Point. Discovery Point is now home to an amazing new ocean like dolphin habitat with multiple viewing areas in a tropical setting. I could not be more blown away with the attention to detail and the dolphins were eager to show off their new home!


This area uses part of the old dolphin pool which was expanded and enhanced. If you are a season pass holder you can expect to pay about $125 for the interactive experience, non-passholders will pay about $155 plus gate admission which will last between 2 and 2.5 hours. You'll spend a little time in orientation where you will learn dolphin etiquette and some cool tidbits about them. After that it's off to be fitted with your fashionable wetsuit. The changing area is country club like with combo shower/changing stalls. A locking box is provided to put your crap in because you never know when an otter might run off with it.


You'll get to spend 25-30 minutes with one or more of the 6 dolphins currently in the program, later this summer they will acclimate the females, for now it's an all male revue. I think the best way to describe the interaction is that you are a trainer in training. You'll get to do things like shake a fin, give em a big ol kiss on the mouth (no tongue please), and go for a ride as they take you from deep water to the shore line.


These are quite the intelligent animals, very curious, and very much like a kid who always wants to play. Not to mention they have huge personalities.


Another area they rehabbed was the old Shark Reef, now named Explorer's Reef. Don't worry shark fans, those guys are still there.


Insider Info: If you don't have a platinum or SWSA season pass (and you should) look for the 14 day vacation package online. Unlimited visits to both Aquatica and Seaworld for the 14d ays and you'll get the interactive dolphin experience. The price is only about $80 more than standard gate admission AND you'll get to swim with the dolphins!


I highly highly recommend all of the interactive experiences, rather with Dolphins, Belugas, Sea Lions, or swimming with stingrays, or all of them, you won't be disappointed, it's well worth the cost.


Huge thank you to Josie, Lindsey, rides maintenance (yeah, we have new coaster footage coming soon!), the trainers, and really the entire staff at Seaworld, you guys are awesome, thanks for having us out!


Ok, no more blah blah, let's get to it!


Okie dokie, guess I'll start here


This area is to the left after you enter through bag check. Bag check you say? What about the turnstiles? Well, more on that later :)


O.M.G. Freaking AWESOME!!!


This is the main underwater viewing area, this place is huge!


You could totally go snorkeling here and not know that you aren't in the ocean!


Outside the detail is just as plush


I want this in my backyard!


So here we are in the orientation room, this is where you will start off and learn and stuff. At the moment only 48 interactions are done per day.


Once you've been learned, you'll step back outside. Seriously, I want this in my backyard.


In case you get lost.


Rows and rows of sexy wet suits


The changing and restroom area is top notch. Time to get changed up.


Off to the beach!


"Honey, does this suit make me look fat?" Don't answer that, it was rhetorical.


Ok, so the salt water is 79 degrees because dolphins like that. The entry is graduated and they have life jackets if you feel you need one. There is a steep drop off from where I'm standing but don't worry, a row of rock will let you know you are close to plunging deep into the earth.


This guy loved to splash people, once we got him started he was all I can do this all day.


Nice to meet you.


You're a good dolphin, yes you are, yes you are


My uber driver was very energetic!


I highly recommend everyone putting this on your bucket list. You won't be disappointed!


Thanks for the swim buddy, I'll miss you too! I'm off to see some of your friends!


Why hello friend. Nice to meet you.


The trainers really love these animals and they love their trainers. This guy is used for both the part of Clyde and Seamore and wow, what a personality. Reminds you of a puppy, which might be why they're called pups.


"Feed me!" So each critter gets the same amount of food everyday, no exceptions. Contrary to what some might want you to believe, the reality is if the diet calls for 25lbs of fish, they get all 25lbs. They're weighed each week and calorie intake adjusted accordingly using a variety of different fish, but he poundage will normally stay the same, a percentage of their body weight.


They've got fur like a corgi and something I didn't know....they have toe nails! Thanks man, you're a cool dude!


Last stop of the interactive tour was behind Azul stadium to meet another favorite, the Beluga's.


The top of their head is basically sonar and feels like a hard boiled egg. I'm told you could put a box in the middle of their habitat and they could tell you what is inside. How Cool!


This girl is 38 years old, normal life expectancy in the wild is 35 and SWSD has one that is 47. Just goes to show when you spoil your animals they live long happy lives! You can sign up for an interactive session with this gals too and you'll get in the water with them. Afterwards you'll brag to your friends that you swam with a whale!


How about a little trip around the park. This is part of the new front gate introduced this year. The turnstiles have been moved with the original area now used for bag check allowing you to get strollers, souvenirs, quick q, dining passes, etc before the park opens.


The new process is fast, easy, and looks nice.


LOVE flamingos. (Ask Garbles where their leg goes when they stand on one)


Airtime machine.


Splish Splash machine.


Shows on the lake start in mid June.


Oh hey Shamu, hows it going? Full Stadium? You bet!


During 'open swim' times you can come in and watch these guys roam around.


Fun time as always.


Also new are electronic lockers which allow you to locker hop for one price.


You've met one of the stars of the show, time to see the show! Me and a thousand of my closets friends that is. Great interaction, nice storyline, and more importantly the crowd was really into it.








Hey, what is this? Early in the evening the park hosted a cocktail party to celebrate the opening of Discovery Point


In typical sea world fashion they brought out the animals


I can't get over how nice the area looks.


1 each please.


OMG. Best. Mac & Cheese. Evar. Carnitas, bacon, or straight up.


Lovely evening. Have I mentioned I want this in my backyard?


Heaven. All sustainable.


I should have started here!


This area I can see used heavily for special events after hours.


More animals!


Hey Busch Gardens, how's it goin?


SWSA's new Park Prez has an audience during his opening speech.




Also rehabbed is Explorers Reef


Everything looks pristine. New display screens give you way more info than before.


Desert by the....




I'd love to have a fish tank like this.


So there you have it, great time, great experience, and I can't emphasis enough that you MUST add this to your bucket list!


Thanks for an amazing time SeaWorld, YOU ROCK! See you again real soon!

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