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Your longest coaster drought?

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When I moved from Atlanta to Savannah I went for about 4 years without riding a coaster. At the time I was in Hotel/Restaurant Management and could never get the time off.


Then I realized that Wild Adventure is like 3 hours away, SFoG is only 5 hours away, and Orlando is only 5 hours away. I still go between 3 - 6 months between coaster fixes sometimes - but am hoping to improve that in the near future.



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I guess my longest was about 5-6 years. I went to Busch Gardens in October of 2000. Didn't ride another roller coaster until May of this year. I mainly didn't go because of monetary reasons and I never really thought about it. I'm trying to make up for lost time. I've been to four different parks this year and I still want to hit up a few more. I've added 18 coasters to my track record this summer and I'd like to get my overall record in the 40's or maybe top out at 50 by the end of the year.

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mine's longest drought gotta be one month in the

summer coz i go to parks a lot 'round 4 times in

that month yeah!


"One coaster bagged me into its real fun at the age of

5 and I'd got to know its pure fun yeah and that's why I

can still have fun now."


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