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Top Thrillz: Thrills of America [Rct3]

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Ok guys huge update! Adventure Cove: The Experience, and Furai Tora!!!! This coaster is inspired by Griffon. I am also looking forward to making a video for the ride.




The new B&M Dive Machine logo!





Approaching the lift hill.



Time to get vertical!!



Dive loop!



The rock tunnel at the bottom of the immelmann.



This ride features many twists and turns!



The half-over bank above the station, taken at high speeds.



Bottom of the over-bank (over station)



The immlemann.



MCBR. After this is the splash down, then the last turn into the finale (helix).



The rides midway. Yes its that important it has its own midway!



Overview...well more like side view.



I leave you guys with a pic of AC:TE! Its 3.5/4 of the way finished!





Thanks for reading.



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Thanks for the replies everyone! I have added the catwalks (nets) to Furai Tora. Looks much better IMO Also New section! Furai Tora is in no section. It has its own corner of the park.



Mine Town USA:





3.Decided yet to be released.



*All rides being planned now.



Tell me what you guys think of the nets.



Makes it look more "real" to me.



I also added a catch net here. Just for looks. I might add some in other places on the ride. Maybe other coasters as well.



The sections of the park.

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