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favorite inverted coaster

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My favorite inverted is Black Mamba (Phantasialand), with Top Gun (PGA) second.

Other inverted coasters i've done are: El Condor (Walibi World), Limit (Heidepark) and MP Express (Moviepark Germany).


I hope this list will change, because i september i hope to ride Batman (SFMM) and Silver Bullet (KBF).

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Definitely Montu.

And I haven't been on Alpengeist, but based on the inversions, and the speed that it goes through them, as well as the annoying zero car, I don't think it will top Montu in my book once I do ride Aplie.


Second Favorite is Dueling Dragons Fire, then Ice.

But Montu is way ahead of both of those.

I like Montu for it's large graceful layout. Dueling Dragons is a great ride, but it's a little too compact for my taste. Too much positive G's and not enough variety in the sensations (fire has an airtime hill though, which is excellent.)


More inverted coasters should have airtime hills. They just rock.

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I've been on



Silver Bullet





Great Bear


...and my favorite of all of them is Alpengeist. I love the unique order of elements and the setting is perfect. The ride also has some pretty decent theming. I just wish they would lay off the block brakes. When I rode it in its debut year I thought there would never be a better coaster than Alpy.


I'm looking forward to finally getting back on it and its new neighbor Griffon next spring.

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No question about it for me-I personally love Silver Bullet at Knott's. That has become my favorite coaster/ride there. Front row, outside seat at night is still a great ride experience.


It's not the most intense coaster in the world, but I like the way in interacts with the rest of the park, the smoothness, and the way it was laid out. Plus, it gives a good sensation of "flight" to me, has some good inversions, and is just an overall "fun" and very re-rideable coaster.


To be fair, though, Silver Bullet is but one of three inverted coasters that I have been on-the other two being B:TR at SFMM and SFOG. B:TR is still a great coaster-still in my top ten-but I prefer the larger, drawn out inversions such as the ones on Silver Bullet.

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Thank you.

My favorite is Patriot at Worlds of Fun.

I love you. With all my heart and soul. You are the coolest in the world.

I agree.


My favorite is talon because it has such a great layout and has great forces. I don't get why people say talon is forceless.

Talon isn't forceless. Whoever said that should have bricks thrown at them. Talon is too forceful to be enjoyed.

And don't say "There's no such thing as too much force." I could barely walk after Talon.

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I haven't been on many inverts just yet (my overall coaster count is at a puny 44), but for my favorite, it's gotta be Dueling Dragons. I love it, especially Fire. I know it's all been mentioned already, but the themeing in the queue, the near-misses, and just the B&M-ness of it all...it simply can't be beat!


But I just recently got back from my first trip to Paramount's Carowinds, and I must say that Top Gun was amazing as well.


Now, I have got to get to BGE. Alpengeist is calling me...

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