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Photo TR: Dollywood (with some Mystery) 8-18

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I had one of those really exciting meetings for work and it seems that is all I am in is a meeting. Now this meeting on a friday morning allowed me to gets some use out of my brand new camera that I am still learning to use. It has to many bells and whistles on it. I doudt I will use half of them for awhile. So if some of the shots are bad than I will use the excuse, "But it is a new camera and I am still learning it."


I hope you folks enjoy this update and you need a sense of humour.


See you next friday Dave.


Seems they brought in this moronic film for the Kid's Fest. And yes I think Spongebob is stupid, but the kids love him for some strange reason. Atleast it was not a Barney ride.


Incase you forgot, they did have a Golden Ticket Award in 2005 and lets see if we can refrain from the stupid comments from the Holiday World fanboys.


This is for all you bird lovers out there.


Some of the theming is award winning though.


What would an update be without a non-award winning shot? Noticed the mist from the fans and it was hotter than two pigs in a sack....Well you know what they where doing.


As you can see the bald guy's train is heading to the turn before the break run.


You can even take a pic of a bald guy wearing a Hawaiian shirts on Thunderhead from that playground now. Just to exciting.


The infield by Thunder is now a children's playground.


The tower tilts towards it. Do not wake that bear folks.


Then the bear started growling loud as...


And the much improved Timber Tower tilted towards the Beavers.


! was making my way back to the front since I had another meeting in North Carolina at 2 pm and saw those blasted Spitting Beavers.


But you will have to wait till 2007 to get behind this gate. Non DCCS are not allowed!


Going in!!!!!!


There is just nothing like see a dump truck dump dirt. This is getting way to exciting!


How an ant would see the sign.


Alot of activity has went on behind those supports. Non DCCS will never see it till next year.


Good old Rebar to reinforce the concrete and as you can see they have afew. Do not forget to say hello to Mr. Backhoe in the forground.


As you can see things are moving along pretty good.


Doing abit of bragging for the award they got in 2005.

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That was a great Photo Trip Report, and I didn't even see a bad quality pic, so you get a cookie! (I think you should split it with the bald guy in the hawiian shirt for being you best model ) Looks like you had fun and I am glad to hear TT is running better.

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Incase you forgot, they did have a Golden Ticket Award in 2005 and lets see if we can refrain from the stupid comments from the Holiday World fanboys...Yes I am refering to Paul.


Wow, Dave, I'm really surprised by this statement. When I met you on the Eagle maraton I thought you were really laid back and cool. I still do. Paul is a good friend of mine. Yes, he is HW's biggest champion and has strong opinions. but that's his right.


Your Voyage review is the best I've read so it seems you and Paul have something in common.


Coaster enthusiasts unite!

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Timber Tower revolves abit faster now then it did when it opened up to the public. The last time I rode it was Media Day. Now it is not some insane increase to 40 revolutions per minute now.


I also noticed that there seem to be more people heading for it than heading for Thunderhead when the rope was dropped that morning. The park was pretty dead, but traffic was increasing as I left to head back into NC for my meeting that afternoon.

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That's cool. The only complaint I'd heard about the topple tower was that it went so slow it was kind of a dissapointment. One of the rides that looks better than it is. Hopefully I can get down there next year to ride the TWO latest rides for dollywood. Can't wait for Mystery Mine. Knowing this park, it's gonna blow me away.

-James Dillaman

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TN Tornado is easily one of my top arrow loopers. It is definitely the smoothest I've been on, and the shortest. My favorite part is actually the first drop into the HUGE loop. I know it's not big by B&M standards, but for arrow... Wow. Enjoy your visit to my favortie theme park!

-James "Will be looking for your trip report" Dillaman

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i was at DW just a couple weeks ago, and Tn Tornado is running smooth as ever.such a great Arrow, managed to get around 11 rides on it.


got around at least 15 rides on Thunderhead, and i do believe front seat gets much more airtime than the backseat.strange.


as for Timber Tower, i found it rather lame.not only is it slow and rather boring, it is definately a nut buster.not a very guy friendly ride.they should also remove those "you may get wet" signs as i dont see how its possible to get wet on the ride.i may have got a little mist on my shoe, but thats it.


great photos tho!oh and this is my first post, horray!

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The Mystery Mine looks really interesting. Its good to see that it isnt going to be small fries added to the Park. It was told to me that each year, new rides will be added until each end of the park meets into a loop. Which is convienient so those that only like coasters can ride without walking the entire park.

I have taken the virtual ride, and think it may be something worth riding, but then again, Id try it first to make sure.

Have a great one!

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Oh, and The additions to the park will eventually link the Tennessee Tornado to the Timber Canyon, which is where The mystery mine and Thunderhead is... On, and you do get the BEST air time in the very front seat.

The tornado was smooth friday, and seemed faster than the last time I had rode it. The third time around, My head bobbled more than usual, which made my " WooHoo's" sound more like tarzan calls...lol

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^^ Yeah Tornado is easily my 2nd favorite arrow behind my fav Loch Ness Monster. Too bad that was their last of the Arrow era. They actually built a good one! No it's not B&M smooth like some claim, but it's very smooth for an Arrow.



Is that the start of the lift I see?



Nice report Dave.

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