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The World's Greatest Thread on a Coaster Bored

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Here in the vast abyss of the bloodsucking server lies the World Greatest Thread on a Coaster Bored.


What a wonderful thing, just wonderful. I mean, we love Coaster Boreds.


Anyway, the World's Greatest Coaster Bored has given me some ideas for a Great Thread.


You say I am been evasive, even spamming, but the World's Greatest Adminstrator allows this,the World's Greatest Thread.

For where else does the World's Greatest Thread lie? Certainly not on Coasterbuzz, where Jeff Puttz lies in the shadow of the mountain of doom.


And of course not on CoasterForce, where Danny Boy doesn't like this stuff.


And ARNR will curse me to death.


So come and help me build the World's Greatest Thread on a Coaster Bored with the help of the donkey's ass and great tasty Budweiser which came out of the World's Greatest Administrator's house.


so YEAH !!!!1111!!!!1111

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