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TR: Hershey Park

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Before I start I just want to say that this is my first trip report.




Things started off with me not being able to fall asleep until about 3:30 the night before. Then my mom wakes me up at 6:30. I shower, eat, get ready and I left around 8:15. My mom and I get to the park at 10 exactly with no traffic problems. Then we parked and we were in by 10:15.


First ride of the day is Storm Runner! With a 5 train wait for front. We get on the ride side of the station and were off! We get out the launch track and the best voice in the world come on and says "Alright riders, sit upright with your head back and hold on tight to the grab handles at all times. And keep your arms and legs inside the car at all times." Then about 5 seconds later we roll back the breaks drop and then "Now get ready, here we go!" and we sped down the track and got amazing ejector air on the top hat. It was a great ride. We then went back for a walk on 2nd row ride.


After Storm Runner it was time for Trail Blazer. Trial Blazer is a nice fun ride. It was very smooth and is a great starter coaster for the little ones.


Our next ride was Great Bear, which isn't so great but good. It was a 20 minute wait for the back left side. I think the most forceful part was the helix at the top. The drop offered some nice air but the loop had no forces at all. The immelmann was good as was the zero-g roll. Also the corkscrew was nice because you are going left and then you turn right and go upside down. Overall it was just an "ok" ride.


Then it was off to Storm Runner again for the back, which was great. Then after that we went to see the new Chocolate World ride. I think the old one was a lot better. The new one had those really annoying cows. lol


Next it was time for some awesome woodies in Midway America. First was the crazy and out of control Wildcat. This ride is pretty rough but I like my wood coasters rough. The thing I like about Wildcat is you never know which way your going. There’s also some pretty crazy airtime in places.


After Wildcat it was time for my favorite wood coasters of all time, Lightning Racer! I just love these 2 coasters. They're so twisted and out of control. My favorite part of these rides is the part where lightning goes over thunder and then thunder goes over lightning. It’s just a great ride! But I do prefer lightning over thunder.


Now it was time to get the only credit that I was missing in the park, Wild Mouse! This is defiantly the best wild mouse I have been on. It had almost no trims on and I actually got airtime!


Then later in the day we rode Comet. Which was rougher than I remember it being last year. But it did still have a good first drop and awesome airtime. The turnarounds had some good laterals also.


Then Me and my mom went around to ride the rides a few more times and left around 7:30. We go something to eat at KFC just down the rode and then went home. But on the way home we got stuck in traffic for... LINE PAINTING! We were laughing cause it was so retarded being stopped for 15 minutes for line painting.


Other notes...

The lines were very short.

The longest I waited was 35 minutes for Storm Runner.

Storm Runner is now my favorite coaster once again!

The Kissing Tower was closed.

Sooperdooperlooper was closed.

We didn’t ride Sidewinder cause we didn't feel like getting bashed.

The BBQ way Trail Blazer smelled great but we didn't feel like eating BBQ.


Total rides and ratings...

Storm Runner 6X 10/10

Great Bear 2X 7/10

Lightning Racer (Lightning) 2X 9/10

Lightning Racer (Thunder) 1X 9/10

Wildcat 1X 8/10

Comet 1X 7.5/10

Wild Mouse 1X 6/10

Trail Blazer 1X 5/10

Monorail 1X 8/10

Chocolate World Ride 4X 8/10

20 rides in about 7 hours!


If you have tips for trip reports in the future please tell me. And go ahead and tell me what I could improve on.

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i was there last tuesday and had a blast myself. great park! i think its a marvel of landscape engineering, if there is such a thing.


Great Bear blew me away, i thought the forces thru the loop were sweet and forceful. It was wayyyy more powerful than i expected and way more fun. The final ascent to the brakes is kinda bumpy and seriously kills the speed. And yeah, that first helix is killer!


Did you find lighting racer rougher than expected at all? I thought i was in for a smoother ride... it felt more shakey than i thought it would.

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It's a shame Sooperdooperlooper was closed. It was also closed almost the whole day I was there last summer too but did open up at around 8:00.

Yea I was a little mad that Sooperdooperlooper was closed but I didn't let it bother me cause Hershey has so many other great rides.


I found Wildcat very fun! Its not as band, and rough as some people say. It's airtime filled, and theres some sweet turns. Its in my top ten now also. Storm Runner is my #1 followed by the Phantom's Revenge.

I also did really enjoy Wildcat but I just wish it was a little less rough.


Also could someone tell me how to give credit when I quote someone, because I can't figure it out.

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