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Mt Olympus & Timber Falls 8-15-06

Guest Papas

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Took a day trip to the Dells cause I hadnt been on Hades or Avalanch yet. Arrived at Mt Olympus at 9:15 and the park was scheduled to open at 10. Was greeted by a sign written in sharpie that read "Hades is not open right now for maintenence reasons but may open later today." Kinda sucks, but I figured it would be open later so no big deal. They were letting everyone in the park but there were no employees there, the place was basically abandoned except for maintenence trucks here and there. I found it unproffesional they they'd let people in when theres trucks on the midways, and no employees anywhere to host, but whatever.


I found their ride opening procedures interesting, maintenence did a cycle then left and the ride ops just walked up when they got there and opened the ride without doing any inspections at all (opposed to corporate parks where theres a laundry list of things for ride ops to do before opening a ride). We opened with Cyclops since Hades was down then went around and rode in the back row. No waits.


Then we went over to Zues' which line was down the stairs (15 minutes). After that hopped on Pegasus which line was about 10 minutes. Also a single op/1 train coaster, the girl running it found productive things to do during the cycle though, like sit on the station track and talk to herself, and eat cookies, and scare me by putting her hand dangerousley close to the estop .


Walked over to the Parthenon to ride OPA and hit Disko along the way. Got a kick out of the guy running it, who during the cycle was watching people walking by on the midway, the other direction from the ride. Also was amused by the way they check OPA restraints, by standing on the track . Hit Little Titans on the way out of the park.


Headed over to Timber Falls. Got our all day wristbands and went on Avalanch, the station was empty all day so we made a goal of 100 but the ride was beating the crap out of me so I had to take a break. Ended up with 63, Danny got 100.


The guy running it was awesome, even though he didnt ever physically check restraints (whoops ) when the train came back in the station he'd say "Again?" and send the train again. I had a convo with him during my "break" and he said the ride is 12 years old and he doesnt know how much longer it would last, then someone asked him how fast it goes and he said "between 55 and 70 depending on the load" (and he was completely serious) . That guy was hilarious. Anyway after 63 rides the ride had beaten the crap out of me so Danny got his 100th ride and we went back to MtO to see if Hades was open yet.


It was not, so we went on the Trojan Horse track, which was fun up until my second lap some dumb broad rear ended me and I spun out and ended up against the wall and had to push my cart back into place to keep going . We saw some work being done on Hades so decided to wait it out, the 2 ops were still sitting on the bench at the entrance telling people to check back later but we had already done everything and figured since it runs 1 train we should probably wait it out before it opens. 10 minutes later a bunch of maint guys take a ride and it opens up (the ops just said "go" and a huge mob of people start fighting eachother up the queue and the ops go the other way) .


Anyway we got on in the back. It was amusing how after they send the train the op walks through the track and talks to the other operator the whole cycle then after the train comes back and parks she crossed back through the track behind the train and checked restraints, then repeated. I noticed a habit of MtO ride ops talking to eachother every chance they get, and the only thing they ever said to any guests was "MOVE DOWN AND FILL THE STATION!" (even when they were trying to explain the loose article policy at OPA all they did was point to the sign).


Then waited about 45 minutes for the back again. Went back to Cyclops and got a night back row ride, then back to Hades and waited an hour for the back. At this time it was 9:30 so we went to Timber Falls and rode Avalanch twice more in the front which got my count up to 66 for the day and 102 for Danny. Avalanch closed at 10 so we used our wristbands to mini golf till 11. Fun day comes to a conclusion.





Cyclops: 4 rides, 3 of which in the back row

Going on this thing, back row (especially the night ride) scared the crap out of me. The last drop feels like god is grabbing you from the sky and trying to rip you out of your seat. One time I was ejected so high when my rear came back down to hit the seat it missed and hit the middle of the seat divider . Great ride though.


Zues: 1 ride


Pegasus: 1 ride


Little Titans: 1 ride


Disko: 1 ride

It was fun though got old real fast, if they made these a lot bigger it would make the effect a lot better and a lot more fun.


OPA!: 1 ride

Very weak compared to Ragin' Cajun (and spins the other way, even though it doesnt really spin). The turns and hill were taken very slow and the ride wasnt fun at all.


Hades: 3 rides, all back row

Right from the drop out of the station I could tell this is a back row ride. WOW! It navigated the course extremely fast and smooth (even though Danny said it was a lot rougher than last year, I had no problems), had loads of air and laterals. Although you really cant feel the 90 degree helix the tunnels are still awesome and the best part of the ride. Going on it at night was truly an experience. My favorite wooden coaster i've been on.


Avalanch - 65 total rides, numerous in front/back

Man this little thing kicks. Lightning fast, Avalanch is basically a lift, and a few extremely fast left turns and little ejector hills. The front row was very smooth and enjoyable, though the back beat me up quite a bit. After a few rides we made the goal of 100 consecutive, but the ride was kicking my a** so much I had to take a break so I only made it to 63 (got to 65 later that night) but Danny made it to 100 (102 later that night).


Pics coming in next post...

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Me in front of HADES


"Freaky Ice"


The park was well themed with the goats and everything





At 10:05 everyone on the midway goes "WTF?" and just walks up the entrance, so we follow. This guys sitting there like that, then turns around, and just loads everyone on.



"Rides closed, go away"


Airgates for a car thats not there


It would be easy to walk into Hades' motor house, its right on the midway



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Rides closed, leave us alone


I'm too cool to look at the ride while its running, I think ill take a nap







Me on ride #4





Walking from Mt Olympus to Timer Falls



Break time


Mmm cookie, I think ill tease everyone and put my fingers dangerousley near the e-stop


Woah dont kick a prox switch!

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I was there on Monday and Hades closed down about 10 minutes after I got a ride in. One of the ride ops said, "questionable to be open later today, DEFINITELY open for all of tomorrow. I decided to hit up Avalanche at Timber Falls later that night and there was the kid wearing an orange shirt that was gonna ride till he got kicked off (one of you guys?!?!). I was able to get 15 rides on Avalanche in the last hour in which I was there, plus some rides on the flume.


I was at Mt Olympus yesterday too, and Hades finally opened up round 6 and I was able to get three rides in. This was my first time back to Mt Olympus since it became Mt Olympus, and let me tell u, the ride ops there sucked worse than a cheap vaccum cleaner. I just couldn't believe the lack of caring each one had for their jobs. There was only one ride op for Pegasus, Cyclops, and Zeus. The guy operating Pegasus was even wearing his headphones! The op on Zeus would frequently forget to hit the brake button and train loads would run through for another circuit.


My first ride on Hades after highly anticipating it for 2.5 years, and all I can say is that they should've put in a second train.

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I remember those two ride ops sitting on that bench in front of Hades. They did absolutely nothing all day and they make more money than I make at my job. They could tie up a rope with a sign that says "this ride is closed" and they could help on Zeus and Cyclops but that would be too much work so no.

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Yes this is the same guy from Coasterimage.com's Avalanch pics, 1 year later, LOL




"Are we seriosley riding this thing this many times?"


There goes the "Coasterimage.com Avalanch pic guy" again





99 cent gas? Not bad!


Back to MtO, where Hades is still SBNO/10-7/ how many other geeky coaster nerd vocab words I can use


A bunch of maintenence people riding




Robocoaster- definitley not after 60+ Avalanch rides






Some gross new Mountain Dew flavor

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Very good report!!!

While Mt. Olympus has some good coasters, the way it is run and the way the employee's do there job is a disaster waiting to happen. Apparently managment has never been to another park, or they dont care at all about customer service.

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I had the same experience with the crews at Mt.Oly....the love to walk all over the track!


I really didnt like Avalanche...I only rode it once...I didnt have enough money in my pocket for the all day pass...


I saw the door to Hade's motor room open...with the breaker box right inside the door on the left with its pannel...open...


Lovely Hades crew walking on the track...

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Nice photo TR Brad! John and I went up to the Dells last week and credit whored ourselves out as well! Glad to know that we aren't the only 20 somethings riding "Little Titans!"


We also staked out Timber Falls and rode Avalanche as well! I don't know how you managed to ride it 66 times! That sucker packs a punch!


Anyways, glad you had a fun time and that you got to ride Hades!




P.S. That Mountain Dew at Taco Bell is pretty disgusting.

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NO FAIR! When I was there with my sister last summer we weren't allowed on Little Titans. The ride-op told us it was "just for little kids". Dang, I'm 5-5 and my sister is like 4-10, so I would assume you are all "bigger" than we are. We got screwed out of a credit!

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^This after they gave us ERT on it at CoasterCon AND they let anyone ride it all day. Bad luck. Then again, it's Mt. Olympus. What do you expect?


Oh, come on!

You broke my Avalanche record (40 rides in about 2.5 hours).

Great TR, though. Glad you enjoyed the coasters, especially Avalanche.

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I had the same experience with the crews at Mt.Oly....the love to walk all over the track

Knoebels attendents do the same thing too. They liked to walk across the track.


You don't know what you're talking about. Baja Blast = good.

I second that, Baja Blast is very refreshing. Great with the number 5 w/ a hard taco.

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Knoebels attendents do the same thing too. They liked to walk across the track.

No, see, Mt. Oly employees LOVE to walk all over the station track. Every chance they get, they're on the stuff.

I think Mt. Oly really needs to rethink the way their park is run. Much of the staff is very unfriendly - that "I'm only doing this because I get paid" sense is everywhere. The safety standards are at the bare minimum - they have gates along some of the paths and they check harnesses every once in a while.


I can't wait until there's a huge accident there that's the fault of the employees and no one else.

That should straighten them out.

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I found that about 80% of the staff was from Bulgaria, it even said so on their name tags. I talked to the waiter about this at the IHOP there in the Dells. He lives in the area and has worked the Dells' seasons for all of his life.


He said that they bring in people from foreign countries to work because the real operating season of that area is only about 3 months. There arent enough people around the area to fill all the positions, so they just bring in people from outher countrys...who cant speak english.

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^I have noticed that too. It is pretty sad to see though. I was there on Wednesday and the Ops for Hades were very rude. I was like "can I film on the ride"...she was like "no, can you read sign?" and she took my camera away. The only people there that are friendly and can speak English are the life guards. Because you almost have to be a US citizen to become one.


On Cyclops, I have seen so many kids ride in the back seat that it is scary. Also, when I was on Zues, I sat down and buckled my seat belt. I was waiting for the lap bars to lock....I push my lap bar down a few clicks and the ride starts. It happened to many other people on the ride. They had there lap bar down half way when the ride started. I think the Op was pushing the dispatch button until it would let her (because it wont start with them open). So, even though i got a serious airtime filled ride, it was still kinda scary. Although, having that much room under the lap bar was very fun!

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OMG, This is so funny! Or not funny.

When i visited MT O 2 months ago i could not believe all the messed up stuff that goes on in that place. Including the high speed track areas that a guest can get to.

Out at the parking lot, the fence that runs along the front of the park just stops and there you can walk right up to and climb on Zeus track!

Cameras so that anyone knows whats going on? I saw none.


Now everyone knows it is true when you talk about how bad operations are. Operator of Hades would dispatch and then leave the panel and sit on the exit stairs facing away from the ride.


I don't know how there has not been an incident yet.

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Well, Mt Olympus is a Tourist attraction....which means more families visiting. So, there arent really stupid people hanging out there. And actually, some of the things there are how parks should be run. You know, if you get hurt its your own fault. Thats how it is at most European parks, and thats how it should be in US parks.

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  • 2 weeks later...

The reality is this is a US park and if someone does get hurt they will sue the park and win alot of money!!!

Wisc. is a liberal state that likes to give out big jury awards and when one points out the lack of standards at this park as compared to the industry standard they wont have a leg to stand on unless there is undeniable prrof of rider error.

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Also, when I was on Zues, I sat down and buckled my seat belt. I was waiting for the lap bars to lock....I push my lap bar down a few clicks and the ride starts. It happened to many other people on the ride. They had there lap bar down half way when the ride started. I think the Op was pushing the dispatch button until it would let her (because it wont start with them open). So, even though i got a serious airtime filled ride, it was still kinda scary. Although, having that much room under the lap bar was very fun!


That is really frightening. I wonder how they still have a clean record.


Another example of the incompetance here.

At CoasterCon, we were trying to get in a nightride without tunnel lights before ERT started. A lot of GP were still in line. If you know anything about Hades, you know it has awful capacity. So this huge line of mostly GP waits forever, we get to the station and they say, no, you can't ride unless you have a yellow wristband (ACErs). We told them that they should have closed the line already if they wanted to prevent this. They're excuse was about as feeble as their training. "We yelled it down from the station about 15 minutes ago."

They did end up getting to ride, after a LOT of persuasion, but only a few of them.

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